Saturday, 16 June 2012


Chick Flicks are Good!

So What is a Chick Flick? Can Men Like them? Are they Just for Women?

So Chick Flicks are for Women.....
....I Totally disagree with the statement that all Chick Flicks are just for women. Ok Granted they are created to hit that demographic, but just because the story revolves around female characters doesn't mean the film is for women.

I have put the Chick Flick genre, which isn't technically a genre but has been given the unofficial title, into 3 categories

Category 1: The Chick Flick with Dicks
This category consists of the Chick Flicks that have sexy, powerful and strong female leads that control the plot and make all the men in the Movie look like pussies. This consists of themes that revolve around the main female(s) and their struggle to defeat The MAN. These could be Comedies, Drama's or even Horrors.
Example - "Thelma and Louise" "Kill Bill" "Lara Croft:Tomb Raider" "Sucker Punch" and "Jennifers Body"

Category 2: The Chick Flick with Tits
This category consists of the Chick Flicks that have those female women who construct a plot through friendship. These film usually have a narrative that works through a group of female characters that struggle through their daily lives with Men, work and Relationships but all come together through Friendship.
Example - "Sex and the City" "Steal Magnolias" "Bridget Jones Diary" "Beaches" and "Riding in Cars with Boys"

Category 3: The Chick Flick with Brains
This Category is my personal favourite. This consists of the Chick Flicks where the Female lead has the voice that appeals to both Men and Women. These films have a lead female character that both Men and Women can relate with regardless of the gender. These films usually come in Dramas/Comedies and Horrors.
Example - "Alien" "Juno" "Young Adult" "Easy A" and "Black Swan"

Chick Flicks have now crossed into the Male territory nowadays. With the Bro-mance genre appearing it's becoming more equal ground. The barriers are crossing and making the genre more appealing to both genders.

 Plus, what red blooded male wouldn't want to sit and watch a film for 90 minutes of a Kick Ass Female lead?....... Just Me?.........


  1. Finally! A guy who knows what he's talking about when it comes to chick flicks.... and doesn't mock the 'genre' either - nice one Adam!