Sunday, 10 June 2012


Horror Hangover

It's Sunday.....
......and I'm hungover ( A common occurrence to be truthfully honest ) and sitting with the FiancĂ©e we have decided to watch back to back Horror movies. Not just any old Horror films, I'm talking Cheesy, tacky, So bad their good Horror movies. I'm talking about

"Puppet Master" (1989)

So what is "Puppet Master" about? Well its simple, it's a bunch of Puppets that attack several Psychics and Paranormal Investigators in an Old Hotel. It's Cheesy, Tacky, Badly Acted and Pretty Dam Awesome. It has some generally creepy scenes and images that could do with a good remake/reboot in my opinion.

Now Sitting down to watch this reminded me of all the films I use to watch back in my early teens. The Films I use to rent from the local video store. 
"Hellraiser" "Ghoulies" "IT" "Children of the Corn" "Critters" and many more I can't remember now for possibly legitimate reasons.

"Critters 3" (1993)

I remember sitting down to watch these types of films at sleepovers and thinking how scary they were. Those memories must be slightly obscured because these films haven't aged very well. But I admire the entire premise of these films and their approach. What they lack in budget and style they make up in enthusiasm and entertainment.

I mean who doesn't want to see a Puppet with a knife for hands cut peoples heels or Critters gnaw through a  fat women's neck or even an Evil Cenobite attacking somebody using chains and whips?
These films defined a generation of Horror before Horror became more intelligent and played off the others.

"Hellraiser" (1987)

I am a fan of this tacky entertainment simply because I grew up on it. I feel bad for Teens nowadays that only have films such as Saw and Hostel to look back on and reminis their first scared moments. Children of the 80's and 90's still remember going to the Video shops on a Friday night and getting your parents or babysitter to rent the films that were on the higher shelf ( Not that High up, although "Flesh Gordon" was always debated on whether it was suitable to watch for comedy value )

So Today I plan to sit down and watch films from my youth. Films that reminded me of a time when Puppets could kill me, Puzzle boxes were evil, Furry Critters were crazy and Demonic Children were all the rage.

This is my Hangover day and I'm curing it with Horror.


  1. My name is Kellie and I am addicted to oversized bitey animal films.

    The worse the acting, the more I love it. Sure we have Python and Lake Placid but I'm talking



    I bloody love them I do. Try one of them on for size

    1. OMG SHARKTOPUS is amazing! "Dam You Sharktopus!!!"