Tuesday, 12 June 2012


It's Not Purrrr-Fect!

Worst movie ever? Its got to Halle Berry's Catwoman! Its so Not Purrr-fect!

Worst Film Ever?.....
.....Some people find this question an easy one to answer, others find it a difficult one to answer. For me it's the easiest question ever asked and I have Halle Berry to thank for that. The worst film I have ever seen is "Catwoman"

"Catwoman" (2004) Directed by Pitof ( That is his actual name! ) and starring the screen presence vacuum that is Halle Berry. Her entire approach to the role of Catwoman is atrocious, from her acting to the way she walks in that ultra un-sexy costume. 
I remember watching this film back in 2004 in America. Not being a massive fan of Halle Berry anyway's I was already unsure about this film. I am however a big Batman fan and of the entire universe so seeing a Catwoman standalone film could be an exciting prospect is done correctly. The set up seemed ready to do well, Casting a recent Oscar winner, riding the comic book hero wave after the success of X Men and bringing these characters to life. The Story was there, The character was there, How could they mess this up? Well Easily it seems!

They took a recognized character with a decent and well explained back story and decided to ignore that and start with their own. They thought creating a new character would give them more depth and able to bring in Egyptian style magic to the whole Cat situation. It was a Mess.

Each scene was shot like a bad CGI movie, Each line of the awful script was spoken as if it was the first time the actors had ever read it, Each Actor gave the impression they weren't told what to do and Each idea and story plot was hashed together as if some kid with ADHD had written it.

I Hated this film! I like to think myself as somebody who can appreciate the effort and the ambition gone into movies, but this one just oozed FAIL!

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  1. 8mm with Nicholas Cage.

    Worst movie ever!!!

    Oh and stick Wild wild west in the pot as well. Stupid film

    1. Wild Wild West is pretty poor! I havent seen 8MM yet