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Prometheus Review

So Have You seen Prometheus? If so Please enjoy my views on the film. If Not, read it anyway, it doesn't make too much sense anyway

Don't Spoil it......

......Oh Go on then! A few weeks back I watched "Prometheus" and all I heard from people was "Don't tell me anything about it!". So For ages I couldn't talk about it, so I had to vent somewhere about what I had seen, but my memory had gotten muddled and this is what I could remember.

Prometheus - ODDpod RUNdown (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Director: Sir Ridley Scott
Writers: Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof
Starring: Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall-Green, Charlize Theron and Micheal Fassbender
So Finally after months of waiting I finally saw “Prometheus” today, and boy was I………….Impressed!
Here’s an ODDpod Style run down for you:
It starts with a Big Albino looking dude drinking something then dying and falling into a river. Credits!

The Bird from the subtitled rapey film about girls and tatoos and some guy who looks like a famous actor, but isnt, discover some kind of drawing in Scotland. They jump on board some Red Dwarf style spaceship and sleep for 2 years whilst that actor with a german sounding name wanders around for a bit. 
When they wake up the fit blonde one from Aeon Flux and Monster acts like a bitch to them all including the crew which consists of some guy from British hooligan films, A Scottish woman who was inaudible, The black guy that is in everything, the token Chinese guy, some goons, a guy that usually plays the gay best friend in TV shows and Timothy Spall’s son who was the guy from Shaun of The Dead that said “You’ve got red on you” in the shop.

They land on a planet that looks a lot like the Scottish Hylands and go into a dome shaped pyramid (?!). There they find stuff and get caught up in storms and shit. They take a look around, see pods and shit, and then the German sounding named guy takes secret samples on board with him.they take a giant head back on board and poke it around until it explodes. 
Back on board they realise 2 members are still in there, but dont worry they will pick them back up tomorrow. 
Tomorrow comes and they are dead. Back in the Dome pyramid (?!) and the German sounding named guy finds some weird room thingy and the rest make an early exit because the actor who looks famous but isn’t takes ill and gets set on fire by the fit blonde bird who kissed Christina Ricci in Monster.

On Board the bird from that Swedish Rapey film that didn’t star Daniel Craig finds out she’s preggers with some Alien baby. She jumps in this pod thingy and has it cut out of her! (Ouch) and then walks into a room to find that guy from Neighbours and Priscilla Queen of the Dessert all in old man make up being helped around.

They once again go back to the dome pyramid (Seriously can it be a Dome Pyramid?!) and the German sounding named guy takes them to this weird room. turns out the rooms a spaceship, and some massive alien dudes are asleep in their pods. They wake up and beat the fuck of them. The Rapey Swedish film girl runs away.

The Spaceship attempts to fly away but the Black guy goes all heroic and crashes Promertheus the ship into it and stops it, but kills himself and other memebers of the crew in the process.

Leaving Swedish Rapey girl and Fit Blonde one from The Devils Advocate running until she gets killed and leaving the Swedish Rapey girl (Who has the most amazing looking face and cheeks) alone in part of Prometheus that was broken off before exploding. All seems safe until that Big Dude that killed everyone before returns and attacks her. She gets away when she lets the alien that was inside her and now bigger but stuck in a room for a few hours to grow, attack him and they fight. He dies. She runs away.

She then grabs the Swedish Sounding named guys head, he was a robot by the way, and they fly off on another ship hidden in the dome pyramid (?!)

Before the credits the Big Dude that lies dead has his chest do that Chest bursting thing everybody came to see and an actual Alien looking Alien appears and it ends
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