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Curiosity Killed the Ditz #3 HAIR TWIRLING


Curiosity Killed the Ditz: Hair Twirling

Why; the three little letters that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosey or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to ponder my Whys and if lucky find some answers.

Why do women twirl their hair?

This question was actually posed to me by a friend, Blimey.  It isn’t something that I have thought about before but has since captured my thoughts. Why do women, and in particular me, twirl our hair?

The first thing that comes to mind is it feels good. There is something about the soft tug on your scalp that can send very good feelings through your body. Anyone that has had their hair pulled appropriately can attest to this fact. Also, women tend to have very soft and silky hair. This feels very good sliding through the fingers. Personally, when I am feeling romantic, I like touching. When in public, an appropriate touch that I can do is play with my hair. It excites me, makes me feel attractive, and fulfills my need to touch myself or someone else.

Outside of the basic physical nature of the hair twirl, there is definitely a subconscious and psychological aspect to it. For example, I find myself playing with my hair is when I am nervous. This isn’t a sexual need but a psychological need to feel comforted. Do you ever “worry” your hands (move them back and forth together) when you are nervous? For me, this form of touch is comforting, not unlike a self hug.

My favorite aspect of the hair twirl is that is can be done by yourself but having someone else do it can be an even more amazing experience. Give this a try. Take a long bath or shower to relax you. Then go to your loved one and ask them to brush your hair. Make sure you are comfortable and tell them how much pressure to use because pain will ruin the effect. Also, it is important that you clear your head and focus only on the feeling of them brushing your hair. Then ask them to play with your hair (most of the time you don’t need to ask). Just the feeling of someone rubbing your scalp and running their hands in your hair, is wonderful.

Guys you are not left out of this. Even if you are bald or have very short hair, you can enjoy the hair twirl as well. Have your loved one take their hands and run them over your scalp in a massage motion. Once your head is sensitive, then have them take only the pads of their finger and trace a pattern. This may take some time to figure out what works best for you, but it can be done.

Also guys, have you ever twirl your facial hair? This can give you a very similar experience. Sorry, I can not attest to what it feels like but from what I can see, most of you like to do it.

In conclusion, thanks again Blimey for your question. You have inspired me to think on a topic I haven’t thought on before. I know I now have some new things I would like to try with my loved ones and I encourage all my readers to try them as well. Let me know how it works for you and if you have any other whys that I can talk about with you.

Keep asking questions.

Twitter: @DitzWitDTits

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hayley Thrills : Lea T @ Milan Fashion Week



I could go on and on for 500 or so words about bags, shoes and dresses from Milan fashion week but instead I wanted to share a few words about a very inspirational female!

Lea T is a gorgeous transgender supermodel…YES you read that right. She is amazing! I just love the fact that there is someone out there representing people with gender issues. She is truly beautiful in an androgynous sort of a way which is so hot right now anyway.

It’s so great that the only controversial thing about her appearance at this year’s Milan fashion week is the lit cigarette she held while walking for German designer Phillip Plien.
I hope that as a country and even as a world we carry on being more and more accepting  of everyone no matter what (and she’s stunning so who the hell cares.)

Email your thoughts to and some will be featured on

The Life of Blimey #3 - They eat Horses don't neigh?


@TheBlimey is back! with more Life on the Streets! Genius or Fucking mentalist?

My friend and fellow street dweller, Skinny Minnie, has been helping out at the local RSPCA office just off Moulsham Street.
"I tell you what, Blimey," says Minnie, "that place is so bloody small you couldn't swing a cat"
Minnie hated animals, but the office was warm, dry and had a decent toilet. The RSPCA let Minnie do a bit of cleaning and she would wash the bedding. In return, she could eat all the cat food she liked and do her own washing. She liked to sit on the washing machine, although I know not why.
"Minnie, aren't you worried about the effect that all this cat food may have on you?" I asked
"No" she said "Did you know that there is less horse meat in cat food than in supermarket beef burgers and frozen lasagne?"
"I can believe it" I said "I hear Tesco meatballs are the dog's bollocks"
"Did you also know" said Minnie, who was full of useless information "that back in the 60s when Murray Walker was an advertising executive and selling cat food, he would prove the quality of KiteKat to sceptical buyers by opening and eating a can in front of them. He's nearly 90 and still going strong"
"I did not know that" sensing a topic for my blog, I pressed "but are you sure there are no side effects?"
"Nah" she replied "Mind you when I curl up at night I get an overwhelming urge to lick my own arse"
"Thanks for that"
"You're welcome, Blimey"

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#BPC Podcast #Tuesday ODDcast PODcast Ep.79


Here is Episode 79 of The ODDcast PODcast UK, where I sat down and chatted via Google Hangout with the  Jeff Burns,Writer/Director/Creator of Web Series "Super Knocked Up" along with the Star Jourdan Gibson. Enjoy!

Episode Seventy Nine - Super ODDcasted UP!


The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening.
Hosted by Adam @BarkerPodcasts , Will @BadgerProdder and Ash @ConfusedasFark
Your Weekly Banter Filled Podcast from the heart of Essex. Contains Strong Language, Strong Opinions that may cause offence and Lots of Booze.

In Episode #79 of ODDpod, The three sit down to discuss Charlie Brooker and Tweeting from beyond the grave, Chip Ninja, Reboots, Willow 2! and much much more.

Also in this Episode Adam sits down and chats with Jeff Burns @SuperKnockedUp and Jourdan Gibson @JourdanGibsonTX from Super Hero web series "Super Knocked UP" as they talk about Season 2 of their show.

Watch the Video Interview on YouTube:

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Top 3 Oscar Dresses: The Review


The Oscars have always been a fashion frenzy and this year the Hollywood elite hit the ball out of park with those elegant and sexy dresses. Some people got it so amazingly right and then there were those that didn't really hit the target, I am not one to give a shout out to the worst dressed because it’s mean and to be honest no one got it painfully wrong this year (well in my eyes at least they didn't.)

I, @HayleyThrills , have watched the news footage, flipped through the newspapers and trawled the internet to have a look at all the dresses from this year’s Oscars and have chosen my top three. I am going to review these beauties and Adam @BarkerPODcasts will give his “man opinion” on them also. So Here we go....

1.       1. Amy Adams “Julie and Julia” star in Oscar de la Renta:

A still image of this beautiful gown does not do it any justice; it has an elegant and liquid way of moving it’s like a grey oceans wave. The colour is so understated and muted that it suits Amy’s pale and mysterious complexion perfectly. I really love the ruffles and the cut of the bias is so elegant. This really is a “princess for the day” dress. The only thing I would say is with it being so neutral Amy could have accessorised with a bit of a colour hit and also her neck looks a little too bare for my licking but saying that I am a jewellery fiend.

Amy Adam's is a natural looking and pretty dam fit in this dress. I couldn't believe it when I looked up her age ( she's 38! ) as I always thought she was younger. Anyway, The dress, well It's a nice light grey sort of colour, kind of like she washed it with a black sock and it ran. The Long ruffles remind me of a rug my nan use to have back in the 90's, that my Nan's little Yorkshire terrier use to try and hump on a daily basis. I also think she should bring out more Ginger. embrace those ginger genes of her and as for Accessories maybe a nice necklace, possibly found in ancient ruins, or a terrier dog humping her rug dress......just for my nostalgia.

2.       2. Naomi Watts star of "The Impossible" in Armani Prive:

I do love this dress, it’s so cool! While most of the gowns on the night were elegant and chic this dress is unique and daring, while still remaining glamorous. Glitter, sequins and all things sparkly have proven popular this year and to me she looks statuesque, almost as if she was a life-sized trophy. I also like the way the dress looks sculpted to Naomi’s body, it’s a very sexy dress without being too much, or flashing everything!

WOW! This Dress reminded me of the body armour suit Whitney Houston wore in "The Bodyguard"! All that's missing is some kind of futuristic head gear.The Whole glittery effect gives off an effect that she's a mermaid, which is kind of sexy I suppose. Although I hate that whole mermaids are sexy thing because their bottom half is fish, which is just weird! as for her hair, its an easy choice, just put it up and carry on. Also, don't you think all Australian women get better looking the older they get? Nicole Kidman? Dannii Minogue?.....Just saying.

3.       3. Sally Field Legendary Actress and "Lincoln" co star in Valentino Haute Couture:

This is a stunning stand out dress. Sally has got it right and not like many older women dressed too young. I like the fact it has sleeves they cover a multitude of sins and yet they don’t look out of place with this fabulous gown. Again a fuller, ruffled skirt has my heart-a-flutter! There’s a clever little twist of material at the centre of the waist which draws your eyes in giving the illusions of a smaller waist (which is something Sally need not worry about.) I like the train, didn’t drag like some but almost snaked behind her, and it’s nice to see a train that’s not on a wedding dress.

I must say Sally Field looks great for her age and really elegant. She reminds me of one of those Toilet Roll disguisers my Nan use to have. You know the ones! Those ladies is flowy dresses that you put over Loo Rolls so people didn't see you were buying Tesco loo roll and not Andrex. Loving the Red dress, very daring, Alot like the Dress Winona Ryder wore in the Wedding Scene in "Beetlejuice" and she pulls it off. Must be harder for Older ladies to dress elegantly and their age without looking frumpy and....well....Old.

Ok, what do you think? were both views valid? Did Adam just talk bollocks? Let us know.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Oscar Picks 2013


So It's OSCAR's Night!.....well depending when you are reading this actually. If you are reading this post AFTER the Oscar's then at least you can look down at my list and see how well I did.
So Oscar Night is here! Another year of Hollywood pretty much getting every who's who's and measuring each other's dicks to see whose is the biggest, and frankly it's usually the one's with a sugar daddy connected to them (eg. Big Studio Money for the voters)

But that aside, the Oscars is a great night and event where you get to see some of Hollywood's finest step out to honour their movies. Obviously this post is simple, below are ALL the nominees for the 2013 Oscars and I shall predict who I think will win. Simple as that! I'll do all of them, but the lesser known ones (ie The Ones nobody cares about) I will simply pick without explanation.

So, Let's See how well I do.

Best film
  • Amour
  • Argo  WINNER
  • Beasts Of The Southern Wild
  • Django Unchained
  • Les Miserables
  • Lincoln
  • Life Of Pi
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Zero Dark Thirty

Why Argo? Well I Haven't seen it, so It was simply a Guess judging by the reviews and what I have heard. It has won several awards leading up to this event and I have a feeling it'll follow suit.

Best actress
  • Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty
  • Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook  WINNER
  • Emmanuelle Riva - Amour
  • Quvenzhane Wallis - Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • Naomi Watts - The Impossible

Why Jennifer Lawrence? Well I have seen this film, and although I don't believe it was a better performance that Bradley Coopers, it was still pretty good. Jennifer Lawrence is becoming a Hollywood Darling, and I believe the voters may want to do everything in their power to help her catapult into stardom. Surely it'd help Producers and Studio sell future Lawrence vehicles..

Best actor
  • Daniel Day Lewis - Lincoln  WINNER
  • Bradley Cooper - Silver Linings Playbook
  • Hugh Jackman - Les Miserables
  • Joaquin Phoenix - The Master
  • Denzel Washington - Flight

Why Daniel Day Lewis? Well, I Have seen Lincoln, and I'm not a fan of the film. BUT It's Daniel Day Lewis! This Guy could play Jimmy Saville in a Movie and people would applaud him for it. The Guy is Acting porn for the voters and awards committee  I'd love to have seen Wolverine win for "The Miserable" as he was superb in that, but I feel as though he will be unfairly snubbed. This prediction I hope I get wrong.

Best director
  • Michael Haneke - Amour
  • Ang Lee - Life of Pi
  • David O Russell - Silver Linings Playbook
  • Steven Spielberg - Lincoln  WINNER
  • Benh Zeitlin - Beasts of the Southern Wild

Why Spielberg  Any Director who takes on a massive American History piece like Lincoln and has a back catalogue as hefty as his, will always sway the voters. It's Spielberg for christ sake! This category look's weak as if to help him win. With the absence of Tarrantino, Affleck and Hooper it seems the voters were easily led to believe Spielberg is the best choice.

Best supporting actor
  • Alan Arkin - Argo
  • Robert De Niro - Silver Linings Playbook
  • Tommy Lee Jones - Lincoln
  • Christoph Waltz - Django Unchained  WINNER
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman - The Master

Why Christoph? Because this guy, when having Tarrantino direct him, can act anybody off the screen without even speaking good English  A Great performance in a mental movie. This category is a tough one and possibly one of the most exciting. All previous winners and all great actors. His fiercest rival will be Tommy Lee Jones.

Best supporting actress
  • Amy Adams - The Master
  • Sally Field - Lincoln
  • Anne Hathaway - Les Miserables  WINNER
  • Helen Hunt - The Sessions
  • Jacki Weaver - Silver Linings Playbook

Why Hathaway? Because that girl CAN sing! Her small appearance in "The Miserable" was epic and completely stole the show. Catwoman has some lungs on her. Coming all the way from The Princess Diaries to this! This Girl is a Hollywood A List for sure. If she doesn't win then I'll shave my head and record my own rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" in my local park!

Best foreign film
  • Amour  WINNER
  • No
  • War witch
  • A Royal Affair
  • Kon-Tiki
Why Amour? Well I haven't seen it, but people just won't SHUT UP about it. A Story about Old people? No Thanks, but if you say it's great I'll take your word for it.

Best Animated Feature Film

  • Frankenweenie
  • The Pirates!
  • Wreck it Ralph
  • Paranorman
  • Brave  WINNER

Why BRAVE? Well Tough choice, not my fav, That would be Wreck it Ralph, which nearly led me to tears. Brave seems to be getting rave reviews for simpy being about strong women and family values. Well It's not the best one out of the lot but seems to have made the biggest impression

Ok,The Rest are the so called minor awards. So I'll Simply name the winners without explanation to prevent this post from lasting longer than the actual awards. Some of these are pure guesses. Enjoy.


"Life of Pi" - Robert Richardson
Costume Design

"Les Miserables" - Paco Delgado
Documentary (Feature)

"Searching For Sugar Man" - Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn

Documentary (Short Subject)

"Mondays at Racine" - Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan
Film Editing

"Life of Pi" - Tim Squyres

"Les Miserables" - Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell

Music (Original Score)

"Skyfall" - Thomas Newman

Music (Original Song)

"Skyfall" from "Skyfall" - music and lyric by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth
Production design

"Les Miserables" - Production Design: Eve Stewart, Set Decoration: Anna Lynch-Robinson
Short Film (Animated)

"Paperman" - John Kahrs

Short Film (Live Action)

"Buzkashi Boys" - Sam French and Ariel Nasr
Sound Editing:

"Life of Pi" - Eugene Gearty and Philip Stockton
Sound Mixing:

"Les Miserables" - Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson and Simon Hayes
Visual Effects

"Life of Pi" - Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer and Donald R. Elliott
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

"Argo" - screenplay by Chris Terrio
Writing (Original Screenplay)

"Django Unchained" - written by Quentin Tarantino

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hayley Thrills: Sheer Bliss


So, This Blog collective is beginning to take form for being extremely diverse and unique. Posts are ranging from Film related to Podcast Releases to Geek-Dom to Beauty Advice. Aswell as having Celebrity News and even Lifestyle and Comedy Posts, we also cater to those who want to know more about Fashion. 
Obviously each post we post on the #NOTlistening Collective will be to your taste, but that's the way the Collective works. Different Voices/Same Aim : To Be Heard

So here is our very own Fashionista in the collective. Please say hello to Hayley Rose @HayleyThrills
Here is her take on the latest Spring/Summer Trends of 2013. 

Sheer Bliss
One of the new styles to hit catwalks and high streets this year is the sheer and see through fashion. Anything from a chiffon top to a see through panelled skirt is considered bang on trend. This is a very feminine and sexy trend, you can show off as much or as little as you like, which is good for both extroverts and introverts.

Jill Stuart a fashion designer from New York who made her name in the early nineties with her designs being used in the film Clueless has showed this trend on the catwalks. She uses cheer fabrics, cut up and as I like to call it sliced and diced, lace, ruffles, florals, bows and sequins.

Cushine et Ochs Carly Cushine and Michelle Ochs are both graduates of the famous American Design School Parsons. They are well known for their minimalist and effortless styles. They use sheer fabrics, satin, silk, floral lace and panelling. They have featured the sheer trend on the catwalks as well as “peekaboo midriff” and the very minimalist all whites trends.

Timo Weiland is a fashion designer based in New York City where he launched his namesake brand, and started working with Alan Eckstein. Their mutual interests and passions soon bought together a great team. The Timo Weiland collection reflects both Timo himself and Alan. They use sheer fabrics, solid colour or patterned panels, and floating skirts.

Nicole Miller is an American designer and business woman. Her signature style is fabric manipulation and she is a self-confessed fabric junkie. Her designs are well known as sexy yet classic. For this trend she has used cut outs, showing skin, sheer blouses with graphic leggings, black sheer panels with floral prints and the designs have been described as preppy.

Jason Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian fashion designer based in New York City. He is well known for designing several of Michelle Obama’s dresses. This is the most innovative take on the sheer trend, which can only be described as patch work sheer. He uses sheer fabrics, specially placed panels and feminine scalloped edges, the full skirts on the classy dresses adds such drama and elegance (which is why Michelle Obama loves him I am sure).

This trend is girlie, sexy and feminine, and should be very popular with all types of girls (and guy’s hehe). I am sure as this trend filters into high street stores and becomes more affordable for the working and unworking masses there will be very different takes on the trend itself. There is always a way to make something your own and give it an individual twist. Give this trend a go and mail me pictures to ( I will share them on my blog and twitter. Don’t forget girls fashion can be sheer bliss.


Friday, 22 February 2013

A Pessimist is Never Disappointed


When Adam asked me to write a blog for this collection, I asked what about. A sensible question, I thought. Adam said "whatever you like". I don't know about other people, but I need guidance and to be told what to do -this is one of the reasons I am getting married, so I asked and he said "British TV". I considered writing an opus about why Hollyoaks is the worst TV show in the history of the world, but thought this might appear 'ranty' and not very interesting.

Then Adam read a tweet about football what I wrote and suggest this as a topic. So here it is… The truth about life as a Spurs fan...

Firstly, the title is not wholly accurate, as I am regularly disappointed by Spurs. I can't be the only fan that thought: 'Yay, 40 points. We aren't getting relegated this year', because there is a small part of a Spurs fans' brain that thinks we will lose every game we play.

We are without doubt the most negative fans in the league. There are other fans that would argue this is them, but they have mitigating circumstances. For example:
When Man United start losing a few games, their fans, who are used to winning just about everything, get unnecessarily whiny and blame their American owners.
Arsenal fans, who are charged exorbitant prices to see games, have management that allow their best players to be sold annually for profit.
Chelsea fans, have a bond villain in charge who has absolutely no idea what he is doing, but without him they would have won nothing.
Liverpool fans, who live perpetually in the past and expect success with little to no evidence on the pitch that they deserve it at the moment.

I can see, logically, that I have nothing to be negative about. We have a bunch of good players -including one of the best in the world (Jake Livermore, obviously), we have a manager who knows what he's at, we have a chairman who buys bargains and is strong enough to hold onto our good players and we are doing well in the league. Happy times, right? No. What if we lose Bale? What if Levy sells the club? What if White Hart Lane burns to the ground? What if the team bus is targeted by Terrorists leaving only David Bentley alive? Illogical. Yes, but common fears among the average Spurs fan- ok, maybe maybe not the last two.

This is why I will never expect good things, but be in absolute raptures when we beat West Brom away and why I had a semi for about three weeks when we beat Inter Milan. It is also why I can get over losing to Wigan at home by saying "ah, it's Spurs", when Liverpool fans would form a squeaky suicide pact.

I will always unconditionally love them, but, like a drug addicted child who takes money from your wallet, I won't always like them that much.

Come on you Spurs. #COYS

Peace out.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Curiosity Killed the Ditz #2 JOY


Curiosity Killed the Ditz: JOY

Why; the three little letters that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosey or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to ponder my Whys and if lucky find some answers.

Why does childlike passion and joy for life become a negative trait when you are an adult?

Never take nice for weak and never take naivety for dumb. I am often underestimated because I am very nice and very naïve. It sucks but I have come to live with that is who I am and that is what is going to happen. The question I pose though is a bit different. I have a childlike passion and tenacity for things that often is deemed as bad. These are viewed as naïve and I am viewed as dumb for even voicing them.

Exhibit A:
Me: Let’s go dance?
Them: umm, no music.
 Me: so?
Them: umm, no dance floor…
Me: and….
Them: no.
Me: please, it will be fun
Them: not a chance. Hey there is Bill, talk to you later.

If the same conversation happened between 8 year olds it would be a bit different than between 34 year olds.

Exhibit B:
Me: Let’s go dance?
Them: Awesome. Let’s sing.
 Me: Yea! We can sing and dance under the stars
Them: This is the best idea ever!

I blame the cool kids. Somewhere between 12 and 18 we all conform to the “norm” of not showing too much excitement or passion for anything. You must be “cool”. Don’t care too much or people will think you are weak and not want to be around you. You must damper your spirit to fit someone else’s idea of what you should be.

Only recently society is starting to give credence to the childlike passion we possess as adults. It is now called “Geeking Out”. I am good with that.  At least now we can throw our hearts and minds into something and not be ostracized for it.

Let’s take the term “geeking out” and replace it with, “I get childlike joy from”. So much less “cool” but it means the same. It is okay to be joyful and it is okay to be happy.

In the words of Leo Buscaglia- author :

“Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, 'Did you bring joy?' The second was, 'Did you find joy?”

These questions are so important. We seek them out without even meaning to. Take Twitter and Facebook. How often do we go on these sites to bring joy or to find joy with others?

I need to wrap this up and as always, there is no direct answer to my Whys. I can leave you with this though, every day, ask yourself these questions:

Did I bring Joy?
Did I find Joy?

By keeping these questions alive, we can take “geeking out” from a fad to a way of life. (plus, anybody named Joy will become very popular J)

Keep asking questions.


Twitter: @DitzWitDTits

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Life of Blimey #2 - SMEG off!


Another Post from @TheBlimey 
Enjoy! Either This Guy is Genius or Fucking mental!

"What does success look like, Big H?" I ask on this fine Sunday morning in Moulsham Street. Sunday morning, the best morning of the week. Usually preceded by the worst night of the week, when the local piss-heads fall out of The Fox & Gynaecologist causing a right kerfuffle.
Sunday morning in Moulsham Street is quiet. Because the shops are shut. Which means that me, Big H and Skinny Minnie, the local alfresco residents, get the chance of a lie-in.
I had recently changed abode, following a bit of good fortune. Comet,  the electrical retailer and latest victim of the double dip recession, had liquidated its stock and closed down. On hearing the news, Big H had commented in his usual insightful way "fucking smeg!"
"You made another loss on the stock market, H?" I ask.
"What? Fuck off Blimey. No SMEG" came the gruff response. "Smeg motherfucking fridges, have big motherfucking cardboard boxes. Let's see if we an get a couple." Which we did. But it necessitated a move to a bigger motherfucking doorway. Hence the carpet store for me. With me in carpets and Big H in curtains we had soft furnishings covered.
"So what does success look like, H? "What d'ya mean, Blimey?"
"Well, for a crash test dummy, success looks like putting your head through a windshield. Whereas for a bus driver, success look like getting back to the depot in one piece in time for a cuppa tea. So what does success look like for you, Big H?"
You could hear the cogs whiring as he thought about it.
"I'm hoping to write about it in my 'TRAMPOnLINE' blog, H and I'm looking for inspiration from you"
Big H cleared his throat and pronounced "Success looks like waking in the morning and finding I haven't shit meself" [his speech impediment was intermittent]
"Thanks for nothing, H"
"You are very welcome, Blimey, now blog-off"

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

#BPC Podcast @ #Tuesday ODDcast PODcast Ep.78


Here is the latest Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK featuring My Chat with Director/Writer/Producer Paul Tanter. Enjoy.

Episode Seventy Eight - Two Meteor Wrongs DON'T make a Meteor Right


The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening.
Hosted by Adam @BarkerPodcasts , Will @BadgerProdder and Ash @ConfusedasFark
Your Weekly Banter Filled Podcast from the heart of Essex. Contains Strong Language, Strong Opinions that may cause offence and Lots of Booze.

In Episode #78 of ODDpod, The three sit down to discuss Oscar Pistorius, Robot Penguins, Awful Celebrity Shows, Ash's Ankle, Car Stickers and Meteor showers plus more.

Also in this Episode Adam sits down and chats with Writer/Director/Producer Paul Tanter @Paultanter to discuss his latest film "The Fall of The Essex Boys" and his other upcoming projects.

Also You can watch the FULL video of my chat with Paul Tanter, aswell as seeing the Trailer for the Film and hear my introduction to the chat.

The ODDcast PODcast UK @ODDcastPODcast is Part of The Barker PODcasts Collection and Also The POD GODS Network @PodGods

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Tease, Flutter, Pout : Shoes! Shoes! and....well Shoes!

Tease, Flutter, Pout:

The Awesome Laura from TEASE FLUTTER POUT Blog has made another video for all those Beauty/fashion Bloggers out there.
Now this video is aimed at those ladies who seem to LOVE shoes, as She sits down to show off her new shoes that she brought.

New Look Shoe Sale

Hey Babes!

Heres my new YouTube video! please LIKE and subscribe to my channel also leave your comments and requests!

Lots of love


So this opened my eyes to how blogs and videos helped interact with audiences. I didn't know people made videos to show off what they have bought. I believe its usually called a Fashion haul, where you show off the styles and clothes you have got for certain prices, in a kind of review style.

I looked back onto some of Laura's other videos and she likes to give make up tips too! This Girl is extremely funny whenever I have chatted to her on twitter. She has a very good sense of humour and loves her Blogging.

Follow her on Twitter @Teasefluttapout She will lighten up your day with her tweets and witty banter. If your a lady who loves fashion and beauty then check out her Blog too.

Hopefully soon, she will write a few posts for this Blog, but in the mean time, I thought this would be a nice Introduction to her.

Minogue Monday #2


So It's MONDAY and we all have the Monday Blues! This means we go to work and dread a week ahead full of chores, deadlines and other things you would rather be without.
Well, Here you can escape into a world of.......Oh Forget it! Its just an excuse for me to post and blogspost full of Dannii Minogue related stuff.

Enjoy! or not, Its up to you.

Who is your Celeb Crush? and Why? Maybe you can have a go at having your Monday Wake Up Call? Send me your celebs and maybe we can set up having your very own Post!