Sunday, 10 February 2013


90 Second Movie: #1 - Die Hard

A 90 Second Movie Round Up from MOVIEcomm's Marcus. The First Video is all about "Die Hard"

A New Series of Videos that should be regular on The Barker PODcasts Collection is "90 Second Movies" with Marcus from MOVIEcomm Podcast.

It's a simple premise, Marcus will explain a movie in 90 seconds, simple really. Doesn't really need much more explaining that does it? I can sit here and explain it more if you need me to? Is it really that hard to understand? It's Not, Its a Guy in a chair, talking to a camera, for approximately 90 seconds about a movie.

The first movie MOVIEcomm's Marcus explains is "Die Hard". The Film where Bruce Willis has hair, no shoes, a vest and witty back chat. Enjoy!



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