Friday, 22 February 2013

A Pessimist is Never Disappointed

In This Post @Nerfspur writes about being a Spurs fan and how it takes a lot of effort!

When Adam asked me to write a blog for this collection, I asked what about. A sensible question, I thought. Adam said "whatever you like". I don't know about other people, but I need guidance and to be told what to do -this is one of the reasons I am getting married, so I asked and he said "British TV". I considered writing an opus about why Hollyoaks is the worst TV show in the history of the world, but thought this might appear 'ranty' and not very interesting.

Then Adam read a tweet about football what I wrote and suggest this as a topic. So here it is… The truth about life as a Spurs fan...

Firstly, the title is not wholly accurate, as I am regularly disappointed by Spurs. I can't be the only fan that thought: 'Yay, 40 points. We aren't getting relegated this year', because there is a small part of a Spurs fans' brain that thinks we will lose every game we play.

We are without doubt the most negative fans in the league. There are other fans that would argue this is them, but they have mitigating circumstances. For example:
When Man United start losing a few games, their fans, who are used to winning just about everything, get unnecessarily whiny and blame their American owners.
Arsenal fans, who are charged exorbitant prices to see games, have management that allow their best players to be sold annually for profit.
Chelsea fans, have a bond villain in charge who has absolutely no idea what he is doing, but without him they would have won nothing.
Liverpool fans, who live perpetually in the past and expect success with little to no evidence on the pitch that they deserve it at the moment.

I can see, logically, that I have nothing to be negative about. We have a bunch of good players -including one of the best in the world (Jake Livermore, obviously), we have a manager who knows what he's at, we have a chairman who buys bargains and is strong enough to hold onto our good players and we are doing well in the league. Happy times, right? No. What if we lose Bale? What if Levy sells the club? What if White Hart Lane burns to the ground? What if the team bus is targeted by Terrorists leaving only David Bentley alive? Illogical. Yes, but common fears among the average Spurs fan- ok, maybe maybe not the last two.

This is why I will never expect good things, but be in absolute raptures when we beat West Brom away and why I had a semi for about three weeks when we beat Inter Milan. It is also why I can get over losing to Wigan at home by saying "ah, it's Spurs", when Liverpool fans would form a squeaky suicide pact.

I will always unconditionally love them, but, like a drug addicted child who takes money from your wallet, I won't always like them that much.

Come on you Spurs. #COYS

Peace out.