Monday, 11 February 2013


#BPC Podcast : #Tuesday ODDcast PODcast Ep.77

Episode 77 of The ODDcast PODcast Uk is Out. Have you Listened to a Podcast Before? Well good lace to start

Every Week The Barker PODcasts Collection release an Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK
The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening
Have you Listened to a Podcast before? If not, take a listen! Its a fun show, just under an hour in length and very entertaining.......if you don't mind crude humour and bad language.
This Week's Episode is full of Laughs, Banter, Celeb Chat and much more ODDness.
Take a listen, Share it! Enjoy it!

Episode Seventy Seven - Popping Candy with Wolverine


The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening.
Hosted by Adam @BarkerPodcasts , Will @BadgerProdder and Ash.
Your Weekly Banter Filled Podcast from the heart of Essex. Contains Strong Language, Strong Opinions that may cause offence and Lots of Booze.

In Episode #77 of ODDpod, The three amigos sit down to record another exciting installment of The ODDcast PODcast UK. They discuss the latest Wolverine Film, Popping candy becoming addictive, Cleaners crashing trains, Taken starring Micheal Caine and more

Also in this Episode Adam sits down and chats with Listener and friend Lauren Wales @LaurenWales as they discuss some celebrities and why they are famous and whether we live in a world where being negative towards them is acceptable.

The ODDcast PODcast UK @ODDcastPODcast is Part of The Barker PODcasts Collection and Also The POD GODS Network @PodGods

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