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Curiosity Killed the Ditz #3 HAIR TWIRLING

More Questions Asked by @DitzwitDtits ! This time she asks WHY Women Twirl their hair #WHY

Curiosity Killed the Ditz: Hair Twirling

Why; the three little letters that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosey or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to ponder my Whys and if lucky find some answers.

Why do women twirl their hair?

This question was actually posed to me by a friend, Blimey.  It isn’t something that I have thought about before but has since captured my thoughts. Why do women, and in particular me, twirl our hair?

The first thing that comes to mind is it feels good. There is something about the soft tug on your scalp that can send very good feelings through your body. Anyone that has had their hair pulled appropriately can attest to this fact. Also, women tend to have very soft and silky hair. This feels very good sliding through the fingers. Personally, when I am feeling romantic, I like touching. When in public, an appropriate touch that I can do is play with my hair. It excites me, makes me feel attractive, and fulfills my need to touch myself or someone else.

Outside of the basic physical nature of the hair twirl, there is definitely a subconscious and psychological aspect to it. For example, I find myself playing with my hair is when I am nervous. This isn’t a sexual need but a psychological need to feel comforted. Do you ever “worry” your hands (move them back and forth together) when you are nervous? For me, this form of touch is comforting, not unlike a self hug.

My favorite aspect of the hair twirl is that is can be done by yourself but having someone else do it can be an even more amazing experience. Give this a try. Take a long bath or shower to relax you. Then go to your loved one and ask them to brush your hair. Make sure you are comfortable and tell them how much pressure to use because pain will ruin the effect. Also, it is important that you clear your head and focus only on the feeling of them brushing your hair. Then ask them to play with your hair (most of the time you don’t need to ask). Just the feeling of someone rubbing your scalp and running their hands in your hair, is wonderful.

Guys you are not left out of this. Even if you are bald or have very short hair, you can enjoy the hair twirl as well. Have your loved one take their hands and run them over your scalp in a massage motion. Once your head is sensitive, then have them take only the pads of their finger and trace a pattern. This may take some time to figure out what works best for you, but it can be done.

Also guys, have you ever twirl your facial hair? This can give you a very similar experience. Sorry, I can not attest to what it feels like but from what I can see, most of you like to do it.

In conclusion, thanks again Blimey for your question. You have inspired me to think on a topic I haven’t thought on before. I know I now have some new things I would like to try with my loved ones and I encourage all my readers to try them as well. Let me know how it works for you and if you have any other whys that I can talk about with you.

Keep asking questions.

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