Saturday, 16 February 2013


ODDpod Video #3 - Ash on Twitter

Ash Finally gets on Twitter! Has he tweeted since the video was made? has he Fuck! HA! Watch how he became part of twitter!.....Its Boring!

The Three of us on The ODDcast PODcast UK have different stances on Twitter. I (Adam- @BarkerPODcasts) is a fully fledged Twitter addict and always there to tweet and promote the podcasts.
Will (@BadgerProdder) tweets very rarely and when he does it's short, sweet and snappy.
That left Ash! the only one not to tweet at all.

So in this extremely pointless video we decided to set Ash up with a Twitter account, he is probably never going to use.

Check it out. You get to put a face to the voices from the ODDcast PODcast UK

Warning: It's pretty Pointless this video, so I apologise in advance.

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