Saturday, 9 February 2013

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Silverman: The Disney Darling!

Sarah Silverman in a Disney Film! But with her back catalogue of jokes and humour? I LOVE The Silvers! But do you agree?

Recently I watched the latest Disney film "Wreck it Ralph" and LOVED it! a story of video game characters that live inside the arcade and rely on doing their jobs well in order not to go, well out of order. A Great film with Retro references and a great look and feel to it.


BUT the best thing about the film was infact the Cast of voices. John C Reilly as Ralph, Jane Lynch as Calhoun and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope.

Now Sarah Silverman is one of those Marmite Comedians, and I don't mean shes brown, sticky and tastes good on toast, but she divides opinion on whether people actually like her. Her Humour ranges from dry and rude to annoying and whiny for some people. A very pretty girl in my opinion who surprises you with her child like manner and voice when she blurts out a story about rape and incest.

I am a fan of her Humour, I can deal with dark humour and near the knuckle banter, and the fact these jokes and stories come from somebody who looks a lot like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth is extremely endearing to me.

If you haven't watched The Infamous "F**king Matt Damon" Video then YOU NEED to check it out!

I have become a HUGE Sarah Silverman fan recently after her vocal job on "Wreck it Ralph" made me smile and I just kept expecting the animated character she played to say something really offensive. She really has a line she likes to cross! Nothing is off limits to her.

Who agrees? Who is a Silverman Fan? Does she take her jokes too far? do people not get her ironic style?


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