Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Today is Moan about a Day Day!

Valentines? Pancake day? Why these days? We should start our own!

So Today is Pancake Day! the day we all gorge ourselves silly with a food we NEVER eat any other time of the year! Its a strange day where , just because somebody says there is a day to eat something WE all seem to do it.
Same goes for Valentines Day! One day of the year people expect loved ones to do something special or singletons to declare their love to others. Just because somebody says there is a day to do it WE all seem to do it.

Doesn't this worry you at all? I know it does me. But maybe it's because I hate being told what to do on any given day. So why do the majority of us fall to this regime? We should all choose when we want to eat pancakes and when we want to treat out loved ones to a romantic gesture.

I'm ok with having the Big dates, like Christmas and even Easter scheduled, some kind of structure is fine by me. Even Mothers and Father Day just about gets by ok with me, BUT mainly I'm not a fan of Valentines day ( I feel like I have thrown pancake day under the bus here, Im sorry Pancake Day, But you caught me in an anti valentine moan, I still love pancakes, you understand )

So what are we going to do about it?.......Nothing!

That's right, Nothing! we shall continue to live our lives and continuously piss and moan about being told what to do, blogging bout it, Tweeting about it, complaining over a glass of wine with our friends and being  general bitch towards these types of days.

In fact i suggest we start our own days to go along with them. anybody got any ideas?


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