Sunday, 17 February 2013

Twi-Hard Addict

Who Is Addicted to twitter? Who is Starting to lose interest in the whole social networking craze?

So a while back I use to be one of those guys who LOVED Facebook  when it first started, I signed up and loved the interactivity between friends and people who you had lost contact with. It was indeed the Social Network that it aimed to be. I was able to catch up with people who I went to school, but had moved away and what not, I was able to chat and keep up to date with some old friends I had lost touch with.

This all went on for a while. Becoming a Facebook addict, logging in the minute I got home, trawling through my friends profiles and generally being a nosey bastard. I use to Love the idea of updating stupid status's that made people laugh ( whether or not I took jokes from comedians or made them up myself ) it was nice to get nice comments.

But over time, Facebook started to lose it's novelty for me. Instead of becoming a place I would log onto and catch up with my mates daily lives, it became a place where people aired dirty laundry, bitched openly to others and played stupid games about farms and diamonds or some shit. Logging onto Facebook suddenly stopped being a social thing for me and became the equivalent to going to the Kitchen late at night, opening up the fridge, looking in there, then forgetting that you came downstairs to go the toilet and not go into the Kitchen. I found myself simply sitting and staring at the screen on Facebook scrolling up and down, without actually taking anything in,

Then Along came twitter! A platform that constricted me to writing short status's but also allowed me to communicate with people who shared the same interests as me, without me knowing them. With my podcasts starting to become more and more regular, Twitter became a great place to share the links and gain a following. It has served me well thus far too.

With Twitter, I find it highly addictive as its a constant update of peoples thoughts and links every minute. So each time i log on, I am able to see new posts regularly and NO GAMES ABOUT FARMS.
I have met some great people on Twitter, thanks to the Podcasts, My Blog or even just from the random comment on a TV show that has connected me to another. Its a great place to vent, put your opinions across and also share your Love for something.

So Who else has found twitter a great platform? and who thinks it's beginning to lose it's novelty? if so what next?


  1. Wow ur description of fb r so true. Very insightful. And yes whats next.