Saturday, 9 February 2013


When Adam Met......Emma Kennedy

In January I sat down and recorded a chat with TV's Emma Kennedy! Why she chatted to me, I have no idea, But she did and it was Gold!

In January I was lucky enough to sit down and record a podcast with Writer, Comedian, Actress and Celebrity MasterChef 2012 Winner Emma Kennedy. This was a massive coup for me as somebody of her calibre agreeing to appear on my little independent podcast was amazing. Emma was a joy to sit down with, for a good 2 hours.

Before sitting down to record this chat with her I began prepping myself with notes on what I was going to talk to her about, so I didn't just sit in front of the camera and ask her the most obvious and boring questions ever. I didn't want to start spouting drivel and end up asking her the question I can never seem to stop myself asking
"So what famous people have you met?"
It's my auto pilot question! Like when you ask a Taxi driver if he's been busy! I can't seem to stop myself asking this question whenever I speak to anybody who has been in close proximity with anybody connected with the celeb world. I am an uber celebrity geek, whether I like it or not.
So prepping these topics didn't materialise, and when we connected cam to cam I openly admitted that my notes simply consisted of
- writing

Thats it! I got as far as writing as my topics to discuss with her! Emma Kennedy, a well known writer, journalist, comedian! and I bring to the table my notes of simple "Writing"........Sometimes I ask myself why I am such a loser, but even I can't answer that question, so again I lose at knowing why I'm a loser!

Anyway, She laughed at my useless prepartion and pretty much led the way into a chat which covered everything from her Mother's feminism, Her career as the worlds most laid back lawyer, Writing comedy when she doesn't think she is funny and finally pursuing her dream of becoming a writer.

Sitting down and chatting with Emma was a highlight of my Podcasting career ( it's a hobby really but career sounds better.....well makes me feel better ) and something I will always be proud of managing to get done. To this day I have no idea why Emma agreed to chat to me, and I'm pretty sure afterwards she asked the same question to herself.

So, Please, if you haven't already, check out the Finished product. You can either watch the Chat here on You Tube

@EmmaK67 - Follow her on Twitter

or you can go and Listen to the chat in audio Podcast form at The ODDcast PODcast Podcast Feed
Also on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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