Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Women ARE Controlling The Internet!

Are Women Controlling the Internet? Well if you look on Social networking then YES!


YES!!! It's True! Women are controlling The Internet, and in particular The Blogging/Vlogging side of it all. Being a Social Network Whore myself, I have come across some extremely  funny, Interesting and entertaining people. whether it be on Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube.
BUT The majority of them that i have conversed with have been on the Female gender. Most of the people whose Blogs I like to read seem to be Women, Even if they are about Feminine products, The Writing is always so engaging! I nearly went out and bought some Tampons because they told me to!
The Videos on You Tube that I subscribe to are 90% Female driven. 

I love watching the Videos connected to "My DAMN Channel" There are some extremely Hilarious Girls on there. Including Beth HoytGrace and Emma Caulfield. Go Check out their Videos! 

 I have literally sat and watched their videos for hours on end! 
Other People I have constantly conversed on Twitter with have been the girls from The HighteaCast @TheHighteacast with @SamRSparrow and @LeaRice who have a great blog and awesome montly Podcast.

I recently did a Podcast with the Awesome Emma Kennedy @EmmaK67  and She even mentioned that Women Rule Twitter.....and I have to agree. Its a great place for women to express their views and some of them are without a doubt the funniest things I have ever heard.

So Get on Social Networking and Start discovering some of the Awesome Ladies out there.........One Day when they rule the world, you'll need to be on their good side.

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