Friday, 15 March 2013

A Friday Moan!

Here @Nerfspur has a moan at....well Me! Also a general post about....well I'm not quite sure! Welcome to his little corner of the internet.

Hello all you folks with nothing better to do with the next five minutes. 

I missed last week, I'm fairly sure no one noticed. Adam rather grandly decided that I would have 'Fridays'. Imagine my shock, then, when my emo blog was made to look desperately inadequate by a much better blog about Keith Lemon on, you guessed it, Friday. I took a week off in protest. 

I thought this week I would cover a subject close to my heart: marriage. Suffice it to say, I'm a slight novice, having only been married for 12 days.Additionally, I only got to experience five days before I left my wife in the US. Careless, I know.  

My parents are pros, having been married for 38 years. I just hope I can achieve the same level of bickering in time.

I joke of course (it's kind of what I do), but it's crazy to think about that length of time. That's enough time to breed 7 Justin Biebers to full maturity or enough time to serve almost two life sentences for killing Justin Bieber and one member of One Direction.

Now comes the lengthy Visa process for my new lady wife, Steph. It's alarming how many hoops you have to jump through for an employable American woman, when Eastern Europeans who can't speak English wander in for the cost of a bus/ferry. ride. BNP-esque rant over.

When she's over there will be a party and you're all invited, metaphorically speaking. 

Gotta go. The new Pope has just been elected and I'm off to pop a balloon near him and see how good the old fart's ticker is. 

So wish us and him luck and I'll be back next week to share 'my' day again. Harrumph.

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