Monday, 4 March 2013

A Sponsored #CharityChat with Emma Kennedy

This Weekend Me and @EmmaK67 will do a Lovely Little LIVE Podcast and YOUR Invited! So Get Sponsoring! Its ALL For #TwitterMillion

So a few months back I was luckily to record a Podcast chat with the very funny and talented Emma Kennedy. The Chat went extremely well and was really well received from, well lets face it, Her Fans!. I had so much fun sitting down and chatting to somebody of her stature and being able to record something that was laid back, relaxed and genuinely funny.

Well this coming Saturday 9th March at approx 5pm UK time I shall be doing it again! But this time it is a Sponsored Chat for Red Nose Day #ComicRelief. The idea came about when Emma was tweeting about her part in the #TwitterMillion scheme for Comic Relief. The Idea was to get a group of celebrities to lead a team of their followers on twitter to raise money for Comic Relief. Obviously seeing this I joined #TeamEmma straight away and she said to me

"Why Don't you do a Sponsored LIVE Podcast? Is that something you could do?"

So I went with this idea, BUT Why would anybody sponsor me on a LIVE Podcast, something which I do for Free anyway. Well Why not Get Emma back on to chat to me and pretty much host a show where we get other people to chat as well?!

"Lets Do it x" 

So there you go! Simple! It's Happening ( Hopefully......I'm always worried in case technical bastards get in the way.....It's happened before believe me )
If you want to Send me your Questions for me to Ask Emma Please do
Or Leave them in the comments section below with #AskEmma
Or Email me at

Also if you keep Sponsoring You may get a chance to Join us for the Chat via Google Hangout and even #AskEmma Yourself.

Please Sponsor here :

It Shall Be Fun! Hopefully! I'm Sure it will work! Really! If Not.....Oh well We at least tried and raised some Money for Charity!

The LIVE Stream will be on YouTube and can be found here at MY YOUTUBE Channel :
at Approx 5pm UK time the Live Stream Should start.

For Anybody who is Lucky enough to Hangout with us, All you will need is:
- A Webcam
- A Microphone
- A Google Account ( For signing into Google+ )

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