Friday, 8 March 2013

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#BPC Podcast #Friday - It's NOT Soccer Ep.13 - All Hail The Bale!

A Brand New @NOTsoccerpod is here! The Comedy/Sports Podcast. Lots of General banter and hilarity ensues.

Here is Episode 13 of The Comedy/Sports Podcast "It's NOT Soccer" where Myself and Billy sit down and talk Sports, Funny Stories and as much laughter filled banter we can.

Episode Thirteen - All Hail The Bale!


It's NOT Soccer Podcast is a Sports-Centric with the mixed ramblings of Hosts Adam @BarkerPODcasts and Billy @Bilo66. Each Episode The two sit down and discuss everything worth talking about in the world of Sport and much much more. Ranging from English Soccer to International Sports to Random Entertaining news and the Odd revelation from Billy.
It's a Sports Podcast........Kind Of!

In this Episode, Adam and Billy return for more random funniness and Sports themed chat. They discuss Billy and his inability to turn his mic on, The Lost Episode 13 that only a few people heard, Gareth Bale setting the footballing world on fire, Old Fat Sports stars, Adam and Billy pick an NBA team to support based on names, Billy recites a story about falling over drunk and more.

Listen in and enjoy The Show about Sports and More.

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