Sunday, 3 March 2013

#BPC Podcast - MOVIEcomm - Ep.14 - Star Wars (1977 Original Version)

MOVIEcomm Returns with Marcus and Ash watching the Original Version of Star Wars 1977. Listen, and watch if you have the film, along!

MOVIEcomm Returns! Episode 14 is all about STAR WARS Ep.IV - A New Hope (1977 Version)

Listen Along and Even Watch the film if you have and use it as the Alternative Movie Commentary.

Part of The Barker PODcasts Collection. Enjoy

Episode FOURTEEN - Star Wars Ep.IV - A New Hope (1977)
Original Version


It's BACK! Episode #14 of MOVIEcomm : Your Alternative Movie Commentary Podcast. After a little un-scheduled absence The Podcast returns MINUS TWO regular Podcasters! Adam @BarkerPODcasts and Billy @Bilo66 have left the Podcast to continue in The Barker PODcasts Collection's It's NOT Soccer Podcast @NOTsoccerpod. This Leaves Marcus @MHWebwizard to hold reigns of the show with his new Co Host Ash @ConfusedasFARK from The @ODDcastPODcast UK.

New Co Host, Same Premise. The Two sit down this Episode, and because it's kind of a new show, it's a Big One! The two sit down and watched "Star Wars : Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)......The Original Version!

That's right! Not the 90's LucasFilms Special effects re-do, it's the Original Version that was seen in Cinema's back in the 70's.

So Enjoy the Guys as they sit down, drink booze, eat pizza and watch a Sci Fi Classic in it's infinite glory.

Listen along as a simple Podcast packed with Movie banter, Trivia and entertaining discussion or you can Listen along as an Alternative Movie Commentary and watch the Movie as we watch it. Experience a New Type of Commentary with the MOVIEcomm Crew.  

Let us know what you thought. What MOVIEcomm's would you like to hear in the Future. 
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