Saturday 2 March 2013


Hayley Thrills: Denim......Simply Denim

Fashion Blogger @HayleyThrills talks about Denim! All Denim! Its all abot the denim!

Denim is a staple for everyone’s wardrobe, it comes in all forms which can be very confusing and I understand how people can get bored with the same old pair of jeans or jacket.
This year denim has exploded onto the catwalk with force! I had a great time looking through for images of this timeless trend and yes I have mentally spent this and next fortnight’s wages whoops!

The following denim styles have been forecasted for SS13 but some of us can’t wait that long and are wearing these trend led denims way before anyone else, I for one have been doing Grunge denim for at least 10 years! It never fails me. The list is in no particular order just how I scribbled them down during research.

1. Two tone denim: is a mix of either two different types of denim or another material all together such as leather, lace or floral cotton for this collage I have chosen only denim (that is the theme of the article is denim after all!) You could be intelligent about this and wear it in a double denim way, for example dark blue denim shirt with light blue denim jeans.

2. Distressed boyfriend jeans: We have seen boyfriend jeans on a few occasions and we have seen distressed jeans a lot also but together they make a great team. This year they have been rolled up to reveal the ankel which is another trend (I will write about how ankel bangers and in now.) I would wear rolled up a little higher with bright neon socks and heels or frilly socks and lace up flats.

3. Neon and pastel denim: neon is back in a big way! Not just your jeans have been raved up but also denim shorts, jackets and waistcoats. It’s a real visual feast of acid bright colours. Pastel is being described as candy colours and will be seen over a wide variety of styles a fabrics proving more popular with denim.

4. Printed and embellished denim: embellished jeans have been around for a while but there is a fine line between trendy and trashy. The trend has taken on a new lease of life and before we know it everything and I mean everything will be embellished. Printed jeans have not been around as long and have a tendency of being childish, these new printed denims are a lot more grown up while still being quite indie.

5. Denim accessories: are popping up too in the form of bags, shoes and hats. I have managed to find a good mixture of men’s and women’s accessories. I have always found denim shoes to be childish and sometimes tacky (they really remind me of that matching denim outfit that Britney and Justin wore once, and that’s a part of the 90’s I am sure none of us want to repeat.)

6. 1970’s flares: the 1970’s have made a comeback again! Think back to “That 70’s show” yes! Flared jeans are back in business. Worn with other vintage style delights such as floppy hats and fringe/tassels, hippy style waistcoats and gladiator sandals.

7. Grunge denim: it’s almost completely up to you how you wear this style as long as it looks grunge. Grunge was always a very individual style. Ripped, baggy and dark or faded denims fit best with this style and teamed with a check shirt and a slouchy beanie hate you will be the epitome of 90’s grunge.

8. Princess denim: is an odd one to describe really I had to really look into it to find out what exactly it is. After a while I finally settled on the idea that princess denim is a grown up take on the denim dress and I mean what girl doesn’t want to be a princess?

9. Chambray: is a fine light wait fabric that is very similar to Denim, It’s a cooler way in the summer to do denim. It has been seen on the catwalk this year teamed with bold bright and large print florals.

10. Lastly we have Denim dungarees. Now they’re a blast from the past! They have taken on an indie kind of role this time round and come in full length and short styles. I always, not matter what weight or size I am manage to look pregnant in dungarees so I cannot follow this particular trend much to my dismay.

I hope that this little insight into denim helps you decide which style is for you and as we all like to save some pennies maybe help you find something that you already have in your wardrobe. I start my first day volunteering in the Salvation Army charity shop in the morning and I have planned my outfit for the day, have a guess what denim trend I am following.



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    1. Its Definitely a better trend of denim than back in the 90's I believe.

  2. I love 90's grunge denim, each to their own! :)