Saturday, 2 March 2013


Jennifer Lawrence Can Teach us all!

How We Can learn Something from Jennifer Lawrence! The Hollywood A Lister who We All LOVE! #Oscars #NOTlistening

So a the tender age of 22, Jennifer Lawrence has the world at her feet! Men want to be with her, Women want to be her....and some with her. The Actress has risen from being a US Sitcom actress to becoming the face of a new generation of Female actors in Hollywood. Her Attitude and Personality has shined through an Awards season which can be full of fake smiles, un-sympathetic graces and un-genuine thanks.

There are many Things Jennifer Lawrence can Teach us:

1. You Don't have to Get your Tits out to be a Good Actress
In all of Jennifer's films so far, she has hardly had to sell herself as a sex kitten, even though she is bloody gorgeous. She manages to play a type of woman who is sexy with out revealing too much. Her role in The Hunger Games shows off the action star in her without going all Rambo nor Lara Croft.

2. You Can Mix your Genre's at your Age
Jennifer has managed to make films so far that expanded her range. She got critical acclaim starring the brilliant Dramatic Indie Film Winters Bone before moving into Action/Comic Book Movie X Men: First Class and then moving into Horror with House at the End of the Street and back to Drama with Silver Linings Playbook. at her age she should spread her skills to different genres and create a vast range for her. Winning an Oscar has only helped her gain critical applause as well as headlining a Franchise ( The Hunger Games Trilogy )

3. Be Yourself
Jennifer has won many peoples hearts due to her witty, funny and warm nature. She seems to act so down to earth that in Interviews she really makes you warm to her. she comes across well and doesn't show any signs of being fake for the cameras. In Interviews, she is not afraid of making a fool of herself or laughing at her self. Humble and modest bodes well if you want people to like you when you are THIS famous.

Now maybe these aren't many lessons most of us can learn from seeing as we are not Hollywood A Listers, but I'm sure if we ever do tread the streets of Hollywood Boulevard then we can look back at Jennifer Lawrence and remember how she rose to the top of Hollywood's A Listers and maybe we can all take a leaf out of her book.

Obviously ignore all of this, if in a few months time she turns out to be an complete bitch, back stabbing everyone, drinking too much with Lindsay Lohan, selling her soul in awful reboots and generally becoming a Hollywood Tosser!.......But Let's Hope we got this one right and she stays a Keeper.

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  1. Gotta love JLaw! And the last paragraph - this world doesn't need more Amanda Bynes' and Lindsay Lohan's, please. Thanks :D

    Good post! X