Saturday, 23 March 2013


ODDpod UK Presents : Chip Ninja

So What is You Tube for? well I use it to post videos of Grown men slicing Potatoes with a Katana/Samurai Sword

So What is You Tube for? To Post important videos about the state of current affairs in neighbouring countries and the political standings between rival committees in the poverty stricken countries in africa?
Is it to post videos reviewing the lastest Blockbuster movie and to update us with news on who will be starring in the next great Comic Book Movie?
Is it to post videos of unknown comedians to finally get their comedy out there for others to enjoy and comedy videos for people to find on a platform that alows them to discover hidden gems?

Answer: YES

YOU TUBE is for EVERYTHING*. You can find anything on You Tube nowadays. I mean where else would you find a video of Two grown men slicing Potatoes using a Samurai ( Katana ) Sword?? Well I made sure there was a video for that demographic


*EVERYTHING: as Long as it is in line with the You Tube Guidelines and rules and regulations.


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