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The Evil TeddyBear's Top 5 Web Series

The Evil Ted @KorEvil2013 discusses his Top 5 Web series that can be found on the Interwebz

These days you can watch just about anything online weather it’s a TV show, movies, fan films, or just little shorts people make but the one thing that have caught my eye are web shows. Now there are a lot of web shows out there, but there are about five shows that I really dig and want to see continue on for future watch. 

Here’s a list of the shows I feel are worth watching right now.

1. Super Knocked Up: This show is an interesting take on the super villain and super hero genre. The show is about a super villain, Darkstar aka Jessica James (Jourdan Gibson) and Captain Amazing (Mark Pezzula) who hook up one night and get pregnant. Throughout the show we see how Darkstar handles becoming a new mother while still trying to be a bad guy.  What I really love about this show is the fact that even though it’s set in a comic book world, it doesn’t focus much on the comic book element of the show but more on the real life element of becoming a parent. I recommend this show if you love superheroes or comedy.
(Super Knocked Up stars Jourdan Gibson, Mark Pezzula, Yvonne Perry, David Bunce, Daniela Malave, and Catherine Mancuso. The series is written/produced/directed by Jeff Burns).

2. Generic Girl: This is another superhero show that I’m really into but not just because of the superhero elements but because there’s a hot fucking redhead!! This is about a geek girl named Gillian Romero (Alexandra Olson) and her aspiring superhero roommate Pete Kirby aka Captain Freelance (Matthew Bohrer) as they encounter super villains, bureaucrats, and a mad talking machine that has the hots for Gillian. I really liked watching this show because it basically takes place all in a day for season one. Also you get to see a girl who gives up her dream a bit but finds her way back to what she loves doing. 
(Generic Girl is created by Victor R. Solis & Steven Itano Wasserman and stars Alexandra Olson, Matthew Bohrer, Richard Hawkins, Sarah Ho, Robert Amico, Matthew Farhat, Christy Keller, Kristin McCoy, Jordan Preston, Momarcellus Robbins, Ryan Salazar, Johnny Skourtis, Darcell Hoover, Jade Nicole, Nataly Pena, Sarah Roberts, and Rochelle Roepke.)

3. NerdTerns: So this is a show that I really get to nerd over!! In NerdTerns we get an inside look at what goes on with the crew of Meltdown Comics, the home base for one of my favorite podcasts, The Nerdist Podcast. When I first heard about this show, I felt very excited because this was the first time I got to see into the world of not only The Nerdist but Meltdown after hearing so much about it through people like Chris Hardwick and Kevin Smith. In the first episode, we follow Aaron (Aaron Davidson) as he meets the Meltdown crew and takes each of their tests in order to become an intern at Meltdown. As the season goes on, we get to see all the adventures each crew member has day in and day out while dealing with Benjamin Dunn’s character, Ben. What’s also cool about this show are the cameos we get to see on each episode. We get to see people like Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, DC Pierson, Chloe Dykstra, Misti Dawn, and a lot more.
(NerdTerns is created by and stars Kyle Clarke, Aaron Davidson, Mo Fathelbab, & Jenny Fine.)

4. Geeks and Gamers Anonymous (GAGA): So you’re addicted to video game or Role-playing, right? Then this is the group you need to join. GAGA is a comedy show about three girl gamers addicted to video games and role-playing games, like Dungeons & Dragons. This talks to the gamer in me because, I know people who are kinda like each character in the show, and when it comes to gaming, I will spend hours on one game. What I like about this show is the fact that there’s no straight line for this show, meaning that it does not follow much of a story line. One of my favorite episodes is episode 5, “Video Game Madness”, which is basically a parody of the all-time classic bad film, “Reefer Madness”. In this episode, we see what video games to do to teens and how it can lead to something terrible. So if you are a gamer of any kind, then check this show out.
(GAGA is created by Katrina Hill and also stars Katrina along with Brain Allen, Kimmy Britt, Rika Hollinshead Stead, & James Tyler Cates.)

5. The Joker Blogs: 2008 not only bought us the greatest Batman film of all time, (“The Dark Knight”), but also bought us one of the greatest Jokers to date: Heath Ledger. Unfortunately, before the movie was released, we lost Ledger to a drug overdose. Due to the overdose, we would never get to see what would happen to Heath’s Joker in the next film at all...or so we thought. As I was talking to one of my friends, he told me about a web series that takes place in the world of “The Dark Knight” called, “The Joker Blogs”. When I heard about this show I went to watch it immediately and I was blown away. This is about what happens with The Joker in between “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” and how Harley Quinn tries to get into the mind of the clown-faced villain. What’s awesome about this show is the way they shoot the series, using a video camera for all of us to watch as the Joker does his blog post, which means if the Joker decided to take you into the bathroom that’s where we would go with him. Another thing I love about this show is the writing—big time. Every episode and everything the character does leads up to something else and an even bigger plan. Along with the series is a sub series called “The Joker Blogs: Further Evidence”, which takes place in between season 1 and the upcoming season 2. In Further Evidence, you get to see what happens after season one, while also meeting other characters of the Dark Knight universe. All and all if you are a big Batman, Joker, or DC Universe fan then this is the show for you.
(The Joker Blogs is created by Scott McClure & Andrew DeVary and stars Scott McClure, Kira Westberg, Steven Molony, Kendra Cashmore, Andrew DeVary, Paul Vonasek, Ginny Glaser, and Torrey Halverson.)

Check out all these shows whenever you get the chance to, because each show is a quick watch, and on top of that, each show is one you can geek out over.

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