Wednesday, 20 March 2013


The Life of Blimey #6 - Skinny Hilton

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"I want to be the next Paris Hilton"
"I don't think so Minnie" says I.
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Skinny Minnie, as her name suggests, has less meat on her than a butcher's apron.
"Does your family own a chain of high class hotels?"
"Are you named after the world's most romantic city?"
"What, Chelmsford? No"
"Have you made a sex tape?"
"WHAT? Please God no"
"Well it depends on whether there was any tape in the camera"
"Why, don't you know, Min?
"It wasn't my camera, Blimey"
"Well whose was it?"
"It could have been the council's"
"Or the cricket club's"
"Or the police"
"What the?"
I was afraid of where this was going.
"I guess I can't stop you from telling me all about it, Min"
"If you insist, Blimey. So I was giving Pie-eyed Pete a knee trembler..."
"Pie-eyed Pete?"
"He lost his eye in a pork pie incident"
"You try standing on one leg for ten minutes, Blimey"
Bloody hell
"So was this at Pete's place, Min?"
"No, not quite. Unless by 'his place' you mean up against that tall pole in the middle of the cricket club car park"
"The one with the CCTV camera on top, Min?"
"I see where your coming from, Min"
"Well now the bloody council do, Blimey! Ha ha!

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