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ODDcast PODcast UK Ep.88 - A Time Travelling Toaster


Here it is! The Newest Podcast Episode of The Comedy Banter Show The ODDcast PODcast UK. It's Free and Funny! So have a Listen and Enjoy!

Episode Eighty EIGHT - A Time Travelling Toaster

The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening.
Hosted by Adam @BarkerPodcasts , Will @BadgerProdder and Ash @ConfusedasFark
Your Weekly Banter Filled Podcast from the heart of Essex. Contains Strong Language, Strong Opinions that may cause offence and Lots of Booze.

In Episode #88 of ODDpod, The Three Idiots with a Microphone sit down and discuss the Google Earth Murder Scene, Daniel Radcliffe's Scary Movie that annoys Will, Pointless Stories about Local Councils, Ninja's VS Spartans, A Bra that Shocks you and Ash attempts to discuss something But Adam and Will have other ideas. Plus Much More


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#Mashion & #Meauty No.7 : The Flip Flops Debate

Before we start I'd like to say this is actually the 100th Post on this Blog!! How Awesome is that?! Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and shared any of the Posts on this Blog. So thank you. Hope you keep coming back.

The Seventh (#7) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So seven posts in and you guys (sorry Girls I'm assuming) are NOT bored of me yet?.........Oh Some of you are? Sorry about that, I promise I'll attempt to sound interesting and even entertaining.......*I Can't Promise such a thing, but it's the thought that counts I suppose*

This Post I will attempt to cover something that was brought to my attention from many people, and a Post I even posted on Instagram for some reason (I felt like I was ignoring my Instagramming so decided to throw up something). The Topic was all about LEGS! That's right LEGS! Those two things connected to your torso that help you move about.

I for one am what you would call a "Legs Man". Some Guys are "Boob Guys" some are "Bum Guys" some are simply "Gay Guys" but lets not put labels on anyone here, we all have our preferences. I have always acknowledged and appreciated he sight of a pair of Lovely Long legs. I find them incredibly sexy and weapon some women use to make other guys weak at the knees.

Ok, Now this Post isn't just me drooling over the perfect pins, The original focus of my Question was simple

"Now the Sun is out, is it OK to get the Legs out? even though it's still not warm?"

I'm all for people wearing what they want! Fine! I also know a Skirt and tights is an all round look for many people, but I'm talking about bare legs and flip flops in April. Maybe this stems down to the fact i HATE Flip Flops and have a massive issue with peoples feet. I Love a Girl in Heels! I LOVE Legs, but HATE Feet. I suppose it's my Yin and Yang.

I've had various discussions over Twitter about my hatred of Flip Flops and I just find it a turn off, especially if the feet aren't very pretty. Men and Women who wear Flip Flops and Jean's really Irk me for some reason, I really don't know why. As I write this whole piece I feel as if I'm annoying or losing a lot of you, and I don't blame you. I can't quite explain why I hate Feet so much and why Flip Flops really annoy me.

Maybe you can help me. Maybe this post is therapy for me. Maybe, just Maybe this whole thing can bring out the core problem I have and help me move on

Or Maybe I'm destined to hate Feet and Flip Flops for my entire life causing me to consistently walk along the beach with a sour look on my face.

You Decide! You HELP me! 

Hope You are enjoying my series of Posts. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts below and even a Tweet at @BarkerPODcasts  

Uncle Arthurs Blog-ocks: #3 - People Watching and Other Bollocks


Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks is a podcast hosted by Lancastrian, Nigel Boydell. The show’s format revolves around Arthur’s opinionated ramblings about whatever has irked him that week. Although Arthur comes across as a foul mouthed old lout who appears to want everyone fired out of a cannon, he is, in fact, a foul mouthed old lout who wants everyone fired out of a cannon.

Episode 19

People Watching and Other Bollocks

April 13 2013

Arthur’s tipple tonight is a glass or three of rum. He tries to convince us it’s for purely medicinal purposes, but we know better, don’t we?

People watching is the subject that seems to have piqued Arthur’s interest this week. He encourages us to sit in public places, staring inappropriately at total strangers, solely for our own amusement. If this won’t result in a quick kick to the nads, I don’t know what will.

(Just watch these fuckers faces. They’ll be sitting there twitching and rolling their fuckin eyes. Then there’s them lads in pubs, looking down at themselves like they want to give themselves a blowjob ….Arthur April 2013)

He also gives us his opinion on dog walkers, and the effects on the libido of watching attractive women clearing up after their pets.

(And there’s this fit bird with a dog on a lead. And she’s swingin this bag of shit. Would you fancy that? I wouldn’t ….Arthur April 2013)

There’s an unexpected call from Arthur’s Uncle Bob: Bob of the Southern contingent, who takes being offensive to a whole new level.

(Is that you, Arthur, you fuckin slaaag? ….Uncle Bob April 2013)

Our intrepid old git has also decided to introduce a new feature to the show this week. Let’s Call a Celebrity. They’re a Bunch of C**ts. The celebrities chosen to receive a dose of Arthur’s vitriol this week are the lads from One Direction and actress and narrow tart, Gwyneth Paltroon, who also has the honour (notice correct spelling) of receiving a phonecall out of the blue.

Listen to Episode

Enjoy ‘Uncle Arthur’ responsibly, and please be aware, ‘Uncle Arthur’s Bollocks’ contains very strong language.

He can be found at:

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Iron Man 3 REVIEW *No Spoilers*

Ok, Reviewing a film so quick after it's release can put people off reading it, so I shall proceed with NO 
SPOILERS as I think people should experience films themselves, BUT I will nod to parts of the film, that if you have seen will understand.
If You don't want to risk a SPOILER FREE Review of the film possibly ruining it for you, then STOP reading and GO SEE THE FILM and come back.

Right, Iron Man 3! The Shane Black Directed, Robert Downey Jr Starring Threequel to the Iron Man Series. Picking up after the events in new York ( That's The Avengers to those who weren't sure what they were talking about - I Know there were a few people asking that ) and we are shown Tony Stark trying to shake off the whole mental-ness of Aliens, Worm Holes, Big Green Men and a Man with a Hammer falling from the Sky.
The Film proceeds to delve into more of Tony Stark and his inner demons coming to the surface due to his previous Drink induced, Arrogant and Egotistical party lifestyle coming back to haunt him. Showing his attitude towards the people he loves the most and how he is prepared to do anything to save them.
Bring in an old acquaintance who has ideas and ways to help heal people in the midst of a Terrorist ( or a Teacher as he likes to call himself ) appearing on the TV Screens and threatening to Bomb more and more places until he can get The presidents attention.
That is pretty much all I can say story wise. That's the general set up.
BAD GUY appears, Rival Scientist Guy appears, James Rhodes ( AKA War Machine/Iron Patriot ) is around to lend a hand and Pepper Potts is caught in the crossfire. Simple Stuff.

The Entire Film was thoroughly enjoyable, although slightly predictable at times ( and extremely UN-predictable at times ) but none of this was a problem. Coming off the back of The Avengers Movie and the lack lustre Iron Man 2, This film had a lot riding on it.

With Jon Favreau Out of the Directors seat, but still much a part of the film as Tony and Peppers Security Man ( And given a meaty scene to deal with ) it was all eyes on Shane Black. Now a lot of people won't have heard of Shane Black, So let me give you the names of a few films he has written
- Lethal Weapon 1 and 2
- The Long Kiss Goodnight 
- The Last Boy Scout
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ( Which he Debut Directed )

So Straight away, if you know these films, the script is a major part of his entire appeal. In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ( Also starring RDJ ) he exploded on the scene with slick directing and witty dialogue. I'm pretty sure this was a main factor for getting the job, as well as RDJ putting in a good word for him.
From the Out, this felt like a NEW tone and style for an Iron Man film. With it's immediate witty and slick dialogue between all the characters and the Action set ups that fill you with dread, the film set off with a new aim.........and that aim was to make Tony Stark more than just a man in a suit!

I for one would say Tony Stark spends 80% of this film OUT of the Suit, making The Iron Man Suit a sub character.This Film is all about Tony Stark and I for one am all for that. The main reason Iron Man works is due to the way the character is played.
In the Comic Book world the Suit/Armour is usually the thing people want to see. People want to see more Batman than Bruce Wayne, More Superman than Clark Kent, More Wonder Woman than Diana and so on. Iron Man works more simply because RDJ plays Tony Stark so well and makes you root for him, even though his ethics and morals to begin with are a bit dubious.

The entire film was brilliantly paced, never dulling and always bringing in great Action sequences ( the Plane Rescue is a triumph ) and brilliant and witty Dialogue

Kid: You're going to leave me just like my Father did
Tony Stark: (pause) yes.

The supporting cast were great and played their parts great. Guy Pearce ( an underrated actor in my opinion ) is great as usual as the rival scientist who Tony Stark isn't a fan of, Rebecca Hall ( Who made the Skirt and Trainers combo look Sexy ) was underused but still worth her due in the film, Paul Bettany ( The Voice of Jarvis ) was great in some witty and exceptional exchanges, Gwyneth Paltrow ( Utterly Gorgeous ) finally gets to do something worthwhile as Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle ( Subtly Excellent ) manages to tease us with more to come with his character and Ben Kingsley ( Ben FUCKING Kingsley ) is without a doubt the BEST thing in this movie! He really took this role with both hands and really went to town with it. A Joy to watch!

So All in All I was exceptionally pleased with Iron Man 3. I think it sets up Phase 2 of The Marvel Avengers Saga and has gotten me excited to see Thor 2 and Captain America 2 when they are released.

Verdict: Great Film, NOT a masterpiece but definitely well worth a watch.

Have you seen it? what did you think? Let me know.

Hayley Thrills: Le Smoking jacket


 Smoking jackets are set to take over the blazer or boyfriend

Blazer trend, and what better way to update your look then
With a classic staple to anyones wardrobe. This is a classy
Grown up take on the blazer which lets face it makes some of
Us look like school girls! Know as Le Smoking Jacket in the
Glossy pages of Vogue this trend oozes elegance, sophistication
And glamour.
Here is my cheap yet chic guide to styling Le Smoking Jacket

Oh shucks your so luxe
Wear with a white shirt and a bow tie for that lux
Tux look. This look nails both the smoking jacket
Trend and the monochrome trend thats big for SS13

* jacket vintage black velvet eBay £27

* white satin blouse with ruffels ebay £11.82

No need for how tie with this blouse
* if your shirt is plain get a bow tie ebay 99p
Black straight trousers eBay £11.95
Bowler hat £3.75
As this is an ethical fashion site I made sure
The items I found on eBay were as close as
Possible to me to keep a check on my carbon

GO GO Girly!


                                    Make this "its a mans world" trend uber girly

By thinking pink (or any other girly colour)
I find floral and pastel blazers and jackets in charity
Shops all the time. Try charity shops in more affluent
Areas as you may get better stuff, rummage and explore.
(these images are from searching
Chairty shop floral smoking jacket etc, I cant wair to
Get back out to the shops soon!Wear little make up
and I don't care messy hair

*floral smoking jacket
* peach asos dress
* white strappy heels

Casually cool
This is as easy and relaxed
As it gets, but not lazy I may add!
Back on eBay for this little lot, there's
Only so such I can do from , my sick bed
(that's not a sympathy plea by the way!)
This look could quite easily look nautical
But seeing as that trend comes back time
And time again its not a bad thing.

* jacket (a little steep in price but
an investment) $169 aka £110.91
* Red stripey blouse £4.99
* light blue jeggings £11.75
* bejewelled plimsolls £49.00
(you can buy cheap plimsolls, stick on
Jems and ribbim and do it yourself a lot

I hope you like my ideas for Le Smoking
Jacket, lets all be smoking hot this summer!!!


Friday, 26 April 2013

It's NOT Soccer Podcast : Ep.17 - Billy VS the World


The Newest Episode of It's NOT Soccer Podcast! have a Listen. 30 Minutes of FREE Funny for you to enjoy

Episode Seventeen- Billy VS The World

It's NOT Soccer Podcast is a Comedy Sports Podcast with the mixed ramblings of Hosts Adam @BarkerPODcasts and Billy @Bilo66. Each Episode The two sit down and discuss everything worth talking about in the world of Sport and much much more. Ranging from English Soccer to International Sports to Random Entertaining news and the Odd revelation from Billy.
It's a Sports/Comedy Podcast........Kind Of!

In this Episode, Adam and Billy discuss Adam's addiction to Twitter, Billy's night in London, Manchester United winning the Premier League Early, Luis Suarez biting people and Billy hating people. Plus More.

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Listen in and enjoy The Show about Sports and More.

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The B-Word


Let's start by pointing out that this is not going to be a typical Bieber-bashing rant. That'd be far too easy and has been done to death. Everyone reading this is fully aware that the boy is a talentless clown who is currently going through a 'Culkin' or the premature 'full MJ'.
I don't have an issue with him, what I have an issue with is his fans or, more accurately, acolytes. They are terrifying.
I talk about anything on Twitter. I have told jokes about necrophilia, paedophiles and mass-genocide, but, barring a few comments, get very little heat for it. If I say one bad word about that Canadian toss-piece, however, I get dozens of angry pre-pubescent girls from every country imaginable telling me to: 'stop hating on a teenage boy who's dream came true!'
It's a worry because, if enough of these teenie-boppers carry this devotion into adulthood, how long before we have suicide bombings from Beliebers against a newspaper that insults him or his monkey? Or suicide pacts when he comes out as gay?

I think the safest thing we can all do is boycott all music from Canada. Lets face it, we wouldn't be missing out on much. No Celine Dion, Nickelback or Bryan Adams? Hardly a loss. Alternatively, we could lock anyone suspected of being a Beiberite in a room and perform electro-aversion therapy on them until they are demanding ACDC albums for christmas.
Until next time, avoid the B-word on Twitter and 12 year old girls-particularly if they say aboot.
You have been warned.


Curiosity Killed the Ditz #10: Why is it so hard to just be yourself


Curiosity Killed the Ditz: Trying to Hard Part 2

Why; the three little words that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosy or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to try and find answers to my Whys.


I'm back from vacation and ready to put some work in on this one. To recap last week, we started with "Why do I try to hard?" and ended up with the real question, "Why is is so hard to be yourself?"

So Why is it so hard to be yourself? Well the first question is Who are you? If you are graced with innate self awareness, this is not a hard question, for the rest of us, we don't fucking know.  This makes my head hurt and it can change by the day. I am constantly learning and that makes who I am constantly change.

So, if I don't know who I am, how do you know I am not being me? 

I think this goes back to the old adage " perception is 9/10 of a situation.". Maybe when they say be yourself, they mean relax into the situation. They perceive that you are not relaxed because you are trying to hard. Eureka!! Full circle. When you are not relaxed into a situation it is perceived that you are trying to hard to be something, which means by default you can't be yourself!

So now we just have to figure out how to relax. 

*Alcohol anyone??? Not the answer, take it from me, not a good choice. ( Listen to A Little Punch Drunk podcast episode beyond the Grayvon) Scary, you have been warned. Very good example of "trying to hard" and "not being myself".

*Find your "Happy Place"? That can help you relax but may not be good for conversation.  

*Own your nervousness and ask for help? Great if you are secure enough with the people you are with

*Take a deep breath and smile. Sit back and let the world happen around you. Take part when you can and just be in the moment.

That seems like the best choice but I may check out that alcohal option a few more times... Gotta make sure that it isn't the answer ;)

Well that's it for my first 2 partter.  Love to hear your thoughts but I understand if it makes you nervous :) I definitely want you to be yourself.

Keep questioning.



Twitter: @DitzWitDTits

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Survival of the PODCASTERS - Audio Commentary Podcast Special


It's NOT Soccer: Survival of the Podcasters - Audio Commentary

In this special Episode of It's NOT Soccer Podcast, Adam and Billy sit down and record a Commentary over the Short Movie they made with Ash and Marcus for The #7DAGMovieChallenge.

You can find all the other Shorts here:

Watch the Actual Film FIRST! to avoid spoilers.


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Listen in and enjoy The Show about Sports and More.

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Hayley Thrills: Drag Queen Style


The fab and extroverted style of outrageous performers and drag queens has always fascinated me and when somebody suggested a fashion article on the subject I jumped at it. I think a head to toe of ideas would be best for this. In my opinion over the top and crazy/funky is the best way to be whatever your gender and even if your not a performer, boring is never good!

Big hair:

Think Marie Antoinette when selecting a wig, bright colours attract attention on there own but bigger is better and an avant-garde design or shape would keep peoples attention, if its good enough for Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj eh?


I do think all the focus should be around the eyes especially if your worried about any shadows, which in fact is a common worry for men and women alike. First of all eyes should have high arching scouse brows vaguely reminiscent of any female Disney villan or evil stepmother. Then you need a bit of sparkle so glittery and colourful eyeshadow reaching those devilish brows, make sure the colour matches your outfit, there's nothing worse than an uncoordinated drag act! You want your eyeliner to be just as glittery and outlandish as the rest with a hint of colour. Then comes those tricky little buggers fake lashes. Pick a pair that frame those peepers but you don't want to overdo it, if you do in fact want to overdo it then choose a pair within your colour theme or even a feathered pair (its easy to find all these things what else was eBay invented for?)

For lips the shape is more important than colour in my mind eyes you want them to look glamorous and sexy but also OTT and funny, who likes a glam queen that just is not funny? Add a rather large beauty spot as a homage to Miss Crawford. You will need buckets of foundation but then that's no different to most of the 16-30 year old women out there, if your stuck any make-up counter girl can match you with your perfect product and the bonus is that may cause a stir instore and any extrovert would love that idea. Show of those cheek bones that most girls would throw you under a bus for with some bronzer or blusher and your face is done. You could add some Las Vegas style embellishments to your cheeks it does depend on your act or mood.


Feathers, sequins, velvet and leather may come across cliché to some but going back to basics in the land of drag but as they say each to their own. These are only my ideas but any suggestions or outright disagreements are very much appreciated in the comment section below.

The dress depending on your act or event should be beautifully elegant and slightly provocative not matter what. If you have the stems for it go mini for sure, or leave a little to the imagination with a sexy split. Colour should be bright, bold and in some cases clashing. If you have a certain theme like perhaps a tribute to Cher maybe you can buy costumes online, or if your like me extremely frugal then you can buy individual items to make up the costume for cheaper then one full costume costs. Also finding someone to make you a costume could prove better as if you order a few you could work out some sort of discount and then you always have them in your little pink book of drag contacts.

Accessories make an outfit PLEASE ignore that age old piece of advice to remove one accessory or item of jewellery before you leave the house, more is more! Here is a list of accessories (head to toe) you should have in your closet, not including your dress or wig:
1. Hat or fascinator
2. Jew-ells and plenty of them
3. Belts sparkly of course
4. Tights and stockings in all colours and patterns
5. Any hand held accessories such as a wand, whip or a masquerade mask (just a few ideas for starters)

Now for the shoes, you should be wearing gravity defying heels and that is that! Stripper style death traps can be found online for a very reasonable price, and its so much fun looking through the fab, drab and crap shoes.

OK so that's all my take on drag queen fashion and style, Thank you for reading and Stay fabulous.
Follow Me on Twitter @HayleyThrills