Friday, 26 April 2013


Curiosity Killed the Ditz #10: Why is it so hard to just be yourself

Curiosity Killed the Ditz: Trying to Hard Part 2

Why; the three little words that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosy or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to try and find answers to my Whys.


I'm back from vacation and ready to put some work in on this one. To recap last week, we started with "Why do I try to hard?" and ended up with the real question, "Why is is so hard to be yourself?"

So Why is it so hard to be yourself? Well the first question is Who are you? If you are graced with innate self awareness, this is not a hard question, for the rest of us, we don't fucking know.  This makes my head hurt and it can change by the day. I am constantly learning and that makes who I am constantly change.

So, if I don't know who I am, how do you know I am not being me? 

I think this goes back to the old adage " perception is 9/10 of a situation.". Maybe when they say be yourself, they mean relax into the situation. They perceive that you are not relaxed because you are trying to hard. Eureka!! Full circle. When you are not relaxed into a situation it is perceived that you are trying to hard to be something, which means by default you can't be yourself!

So now we just have to figure out how to relax. 

*Alcohol anyone??? Not the answer, take it from me, not a good choice. ( Listen to A Little Punch Drunk podcast episode beyond the Grayvon) Scary, you have been warned. Very good example of "trying to hard" and "not being myself".

*Find your "Happy Place"? That can help you relax but may not be good for conversation.  

*Own your nervousness and ask for help? Great if you are secure enough with the people you are with

*Take a deep breath and smile. Sit back and let the world happen around you. Take part when you can and just be in the moment.

That seems like the best choice but I may check out that alcohal option a few more times... Gotta make sure that it isn't the answer ;)

Well that's it for my first 2 partter.  Love to hear your thoughts but I understand if it makes you nervous :) I definitely want you to be yourself.

Keep questioning.



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  1. I would say to just relax, take in your surroundings & enjoy. That way you can ease into convo much more fluidly, bc you're taking everyone's words more into account.
    Works for me, especially since I suffer from antisocial personality disorder.

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