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Hayley Thrills: Drag Queen Style

Fashion Blogger @HayleyThrills writes about what SHE wants to see in Drag Queens

The fab and extroverted style of outrageous performers and drag queens has always fascinated me and when somebody suggested a fashion article on the subject I jumped at it. I think a head to toe of ideas would be best for this. In my opinion over the top and crazy/funky is the best way to be whatever your gender and even if your not a performer, boring is never good!

Big hair:

Think Marie Antoinette when selecting a wig, bright colours attract attention on there own but bigger is better and an avant-garde design or shape would keep peoples attention, if its good enough for Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj eh?


I do think all the focus should be around the eyes especially if your worried about any shadows, which in fact is a common worry for men and women alike. First of all eyes should have high arching scouse brows vaguely reminiscent of any female Disney villan or evil stepmother. Then you need a bit of sparkle so glittery and colourful eyeshadow reaching those devilish brows, make sure the colour matches your outfit, there's nothing worse than an uncoordinated drag act! You want your eyeliner to be just as glittery and outlandish as the rest with a hint of colour. Then comes those tricky little buggers fake lashes. Pick a pair that frame those peepers but you don't want to overdo it, if you do in fact want to overdo it then choose a pair within your colour theme or even a feathered pair (its easy to find all these things what else was eBay invented for?)

For lips the shape is more important than colour in my mind eyes you want them to look glamorous and sexy but also OTT and funny, who likes a glam queen that just is not funny? Add a rather large beauty spot as a homage to Miss Crawford. You will need buckets of foundation but then that's no different to most of the 16-30 year old women out there, if your stuck any make-up counter girl can match you with your perfect product and the bonus is that may cause a stir instore and any extrovert would love that idea. Show of those cheek bones that most girls would throw you under a bus for with some bronzer or blusher and your face is done. You could add some Las Vegas style embellishments to your cheeks it does depend on your act or mood.


Feathers, sequins, velvet and leather may come across cliché to some but going back to basics in the land of drag but as they say each to their own. These are only my ideas but any suggestions or outright disagreements are very much appreciated in the comment section below.

The dress depending on your act or event should be beautifully elegant and slightly provocative not matter what. If you have the stems for it go mini for sure, or leave a little to the imagination with a sexy split. Colour should be bright, bold and in some cases clashing. If you have a certain theme like perhaps a tribute to Cher maybe you can buy costumes online, or if your like me extremely frugal then you can buy individual items to make up the costume for cheaper then one full costume costs. Also finding someone to make you a costume could prove better as if you order a few you could work out some sort of discount and then you always have them in your little pink book of drag contacts.

Accessories make an outfit PLEASE ignore that age old piece of advice to remove one accessory or item of jewellery before you leave the house, more is more! Here is a list of accessories (head to toe) you should have in your closet, not including your dress or wig:
1. Hat or fascinator
2. Jew-ells and plenty of them
3. Belts sparkly of course
4. Tights and stockings in all colours and patterns
5. Any hand held accessories such as a wand, whip or a masquerade mask (just a few ideas for starters)

Now for the shoes, you should be wearing gravity defying heels and that is that! Stripper style death traps can be found online for a very reasonable price, and its so much fun looking through the fab, drab and crap shoes.

OK so that's all my take on drag queen fashion and style, Thank you for reading and Stay fabulous.
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