Wednesday, 10 April 2013


#Mashion & #Meauty No.4 - Facial Architect

In the Fourth Post in the #BBloggers #FBloggers Series of Post I attempt to discuss the art of Eyebrows! A Perfect excuse for me to talk about Eyebrows? Leave a comment or Tweet @BarkerPodcasts

The Forth (#4) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

In this Post I was sent a tweet from Blogger @HattieConstance after she attempted to comment on one of the blog posts, but couldn't, so she sent me this

So I guess what Hattie is asking is "What Do I think of penciled in Eyebrows" so I shall attempt to answer this #BBloggers themed question. And pencilled/Stencilled/Traced/Painted/Chalked on Eyebrows are something I find fascinating Simply because I can sit and stare at peoples eyebrows ALL DAY LONG!

Now before you begin to think I'm some kind of eyebrow fetishist or pervert ( I'm NOT honestly hear me out, you've made it this far into my blog posts, no point judging me now ) I Just seem to think Eyebrows can make or break the beauty of a women. If they are done right then it can make a women's face look ten times better than when it is done wrong.

It's obviously all in the shaping and the way they are groomed. Bushy eyebrows look un-groomed, untidy and frankly a little bit too much. Obviously there are a few people how manage to balance a thick brow but make it look tidy and acceptable. I'll Use a few Celebs who do the Big Brow Nicely as examples:
Brooke "TheBrows" Shields
Lily "Phil" Collins
But these two are in the minority of Women who manage to pull off the look. Even though Brooke Shields has bigger eyebrows than me!

Recently I have noticed such a thing named "Scouse Brow!" This is something I find ridiculous! Totally Unacceptable!

The Scouse Brow
Look at that! What is that?! Seriously girls, I don't want to sound like I'm telling you what to do but WHY? why pluck your eyebrows into a thin line and then colour them in to this squared-off, Stenciled, fake looking mess! It looks like you used a marker pen to draw your brows on to save time actually doing anything. They remind me of a cartoon  character! 
WHO decided this was a good look? I mean at least the two examples of bushy/big brows before are natural, just tidied up, BUT This sort of look just doesn't do it for me. Sorry! Four Posts in and I finally rant about something I never thought I would rant about. STOP IT girls! Please! STOP IT! if you want to draw on some Brows, do it the right way!

Now The Right way is like these Examples:

The First Pic (Tasmin Khan) is a lady who use to do the news on Daybreak. I remember watching her and simply staring at her Eyebrows thinking "WOW! Perfect Eyebrows!" Its a striking feature that really brings out the beauty in her face. She seems to have perfectly penciled and arched her brows to a nice thickness.
Megan Fox has always had the perfect shape in Brows for me. The way she shapes them and thickness seems spot on for me. But that's just me! For Me the way they arch up at the end is the look! That's the look I like in a woman's Brow. 
I wonder whether it stems down to having a childhood crush on all the Disney Villains like Maleficent or the Wicked Queen from Snow White!

Bloody Hell!! Until I wrote that and posted those Pics I Never realised my strange crush on these types of women! WOW I've learnt something about myself today. I Hope you Girls have too..........Remember these views are all my own and I have no basis of argument as I, as a Male, don't go through all the plucking and waxing you girls do, so really you can ignore my thoughts and simply tell me to shut up and go away.

Hope You are enjoying my series of Posts. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts below and even a Tweet at @BarkerPODcasts  


  1. Wow, I love Lily Collins' eyebrows.

    I'm the same as you, I love good eyebrows and there's nothing worse than seeing the dreaded 'scouse brow'. Sometimes though, girls can do a really good job of filling in their brows or drawing them on, other times, nada. Mine are pretty basic to be honest, I just tidy them up and have done because I naturally have a good eyebrow shape (apparently).

    I'll always remember the time I went to have them done and the beautician hacked half of them off, they're still growing back properly and that was a few years ago. xx

    1. Oh no! Epic eyebrow fail. its amazing how much the change of an eyebrow can do to someones face! imagine a world when NOBODY had eyebrows! It'd be surprising wouldn't it?.......although we'd never know

  2. Hey, I am obsessed with looking eyebrows too! That's usually the first thing I see in a person. lol
    I prefer thick, but groomed brows, but I have nothing against thin (some girls have naturally thin brows and can't really do anything about it) anf if they are filled in perfectly, I would probably compliment them. But also we have to keep in mind that different shapes of face suit different brow shapes and different people like different shapes or they can rock them however they want to! I strongly encourage that you always rock what you like, no matter other people say :)
    Oh, and I also like well shaped brows on men. Uni-brow was never attractive to me ;)

    Love these kind of posts! Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thank you, Im enjoy reading your comments.
      oh i agree peoples shapes fit different brows. The scouse brow seems to be a trend in certain areas, obviously, im just not a fan, if you want big brows, go natural and like lily collins.

      but agree not every one can grow thick brows.

      wow, never thought id be talking about brows haha

  3. I'm in love with nice brows at the moment - I'm desperately trying to get a proper arch in mine!

    1. yeah i see a lot of girls perfect the "PERFECT" brow. some great brows out there at the moment x

  4. Hahaha this post is brilliant!
    I have an obsession with eyebrows and reading this just maks my day. I don't get why girls shave their brows so they can fill it with a sharpie either! I love full eyebrows too and I think they look good on everyone. Even on those girls who scream: oh my goddd my brows are huge I need to get them off my face so I can draw smaller ones on.
    No. Just no.

    Your obsession for Maleficent and that type of women is normal. I have an obsession with Disney villains too :)

    1. Thanks mate, your comments are always so nice :)
      I think girls should embrace the brows and not try to create the fake sharpie look! x

  5. I actually admit I too have an eyebrow 'fetish', which I don't mean in a sexual way. Being a woman maybe its more acceptable? I'm not sure.I don't find it weird that a guy would have an opinion on how we do our brows at all. I always have been conscious of mine as I have a chicken pox scar there, its taken me years to get the right shape to accommodate said scar without it looking ridiculous!
    Another great post, I could happily throw questions at you all day hun! x

    1. send Q's my way! I need as many as i can to keep this series going.
      And Eyebrow Fetish is deffo a thing haha