Monday, 15 April 2013


#Mashion & #Meauty No.5 - Don't take any Lip!

The Fifth (#5) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers. This Post is all about Lipsticks!

The Fifth (#5) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So This is getting ridiculous. Before I write another post, that for some reason seems to be very popular, I would like to thank everyone who somehow managed to get THIS blog to No.1 on BlogLovin's Up 'N Comers Blog in the Entertainment Catergory.

Now I am not 100% sure what all that means, how it works or what I did to get there, but it did make me smile. So I guess The posts on this Blog must be doing something right that people take note of anything posted.

BUT this is #5 in the series of Fashion/Beauty themed posts written from a Male's perspective  I was in the pub the other night with a mate and he asked me 
"How long do you think you can sustain this type of blog?"
and i'll be honest................I Have NO IDEA. The whole idea of the posts was to give a unique/Different perspective on a world dominated by Women. How much longer can I test my luck on discussing stuff that I really aren't too familiar with, but if YOU girls (and guys) keep sending me ideas and topics to discuss I will try my best to keep this series going for a while as well as attempting to maintain a certain level of Quality ( Shouldn't be hard to keep up with mediocre )

So Todays post is very simple and tweeted to me by @SarahLouxo 

Lips! Simple topic! Everybody has lips ( And I refuse to make any type of smutty lips jokes regarding certain sexual organs - I'm better than that!...............No Seriously I am! ). So Lipsticks, something Women take extreme care when applying, and too right too as the saying " Do I have Lipstick on me teeth " is something I always find a strange question to ask. I mean your lips are on the outside, HOW do you get it on your teeth? ( Ok, Now I can hear you girls telling me to shut up! I shall move on )

Bright and Bold Colours of Lipstick seems to be a choice that a lot of women must take seriously  I have seem so many faux pas ( Oooh Faux Pas - Get me! ) where they have used a really random or Bold colour lipstick, Like a neon colour or orange or something that completely stands out for the wrong reasons.

Neon Colours on the lips, although in previous posts I said I liked neon colours on clothes, I'm the opposite when it comes to make up. The only neon(ish) colours I think look good on a woman's lips are Red's and Pinks. Any other neon/Bright colour remind me of Ke$ha and She just annoys me. Now that's probably a rubbish excuse to not like something, but it's the same as not liking somebodies name simply because you once knew somebody at school who was a prick.

I think it's simple for me to say what kind of lipstick style I like from a guys perspective and I'm pretty sure most men will agree. RED lips are sexy! It is simple as that. RED lips are seductive! It's as simple as that.
When us Guys see a women with red lipstick it reminds us of many Femme Fatale's from the movies. There is something sexy about Red Lips as well as being a little bit naughty. (is that just me?...........thoughts please)

Now Please don't take anything I say as dig at people who want to be different, unique or stand out. I fully respect and encourage people to be who they want to be, do what they want to do and don't let anybody else tell you, you can't do anything. These views of mine are simply my own opinion. If anything I'd prefer anybody who disagree's with to be open about it and tell me. I encourage people to have their own POV and opinion on everything.

But in saying that I HATE Ke$ha and if you like her then I hate you!.......................Obviously I'm joking!..........But seriously I don't like her.

I do Like Scarlett Johannsson though :)

Hope You are enjoying my series of Posts. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts below and even a Tweet at @BarkerPODcasts  


  1. I'm not into neon lips either, I'm much more for my classic reds and pinks - far more timeless. xx

    1. Yes, Deffo timeless. Just like the marilyn and hepburn sort of ladies x