Monday, 22 April 2013


#Mashion & #Meauty No.6 : Eye, Eye, Captain!

Another Attempt to discuss all things in the #BBloggers World. This Post I attempt to talk about Eye Make Up. Enjoy. Leave a comment or Tweet me @BarkerPodcasts

The Sixth (#6) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

I was tweeted by a the lovely @30somethingmel who is a great blogger and vlogger online. She asked me this...

So eyeliners! What the F**k do I know about eye make up? And How much can I discuss on it? So........what are my thoughts on eyeliners? 
Well, First off, as a man I find it extremely commendable for ANY woman out there who sits down daily and sticks any kind of pencil, gel pen, liquid stick(!) or anything pointy near their eyes without fear! It's amazing to see the crazy shenanigans you ladies go through to get a bit of colour/depth into your eyes. I personally couldn't be still enough to have a sharp object so close to my eyeball. Does it sting if you hit the eyeball? I'm surprised there aren't more publicized injuries to do with daily make up routines. 

So, What do I think of eyeliners? Eye make up? Well I am a massive fan of it. I think women who master the art of getting the perfect eye make up win's it for me. I find it astonishing how much a little bit of eyeliner can really change the look on a face. I say embrace it ladies, go with it. I think its because the eyes are sometimes the first thing people look at 

I Looked for some examples of great eye make up and found these ones.

Very Subtle but really brings out the eyes I Think. I have seen some really OTT examples of eye make up including the "Cat Eyes" Which i wasn't sure what it was ( I thought it was actual make up to look like a Cat, with eye contacts and everything ) until somebody told me it was the look Amy Whinehouse use to rock. So on that basis I say "go for it!" That little bit that goes up the side of the eye looks long as you don't go too far with it.

I have seen some examples of eye make up when it looks wrong. It will either make you look tired, hungover or dam right scary.

I think ALL Ladies should embrace the eye make up! Have fun with it and be creative. Even the three examples of eye make up above aren't too bad. I think Eyes are one the key features on anybody, so simply adding and bringing them out more is a good thing. 

So there you go! Don't know if I even made sense in this post. Again thank you for reading and all the support on this blog.

Hope You are enjoying my series of Posts. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts below and even a Tweet at @BarkerPODcasts  


  1. Another fabulous post in the series. I'm loving these so much.

    1. Thanks Kel x means a lot. Glad to get your approval x :-D

  2. I'm glad you approve eye makeup! Especially because I love to experiment with it :)
    I agree on the last three looking terrible, though! As if they're punched in the eyes lol! Just like Big Fashionista above me says: Another great post in the series :)


    1. I sure do. I think it should be mandatory x lol
      I don't mind the really smokey look. Or even the Taylor monsom look but suppose its very acquired look to go with styles zx

      Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me x

  3. Awesome post! Thank you for approving eye makeup, because I think that every girl (not just girl,every person) has a right to express yourself (and not with just makeup).. But, if you can't do it properly (look sick, tired or hangoverish), then rather stick only to mascara.
    And you know, all "pointy" objects are made to be friendy for your eyes. You can poke your eye ball a little and it can water, but with practice it shouldn't happen that offen :D.
    Can't wait for more posts in the series!

    X Deja

    1. I'm surprised how much you ladies agree with my thoughts lol
      And I'm still scared of things hitting eyes. You ever seen "un cheau de leut

  4. Love this series of posts, i think a lot of ladies like to hear a males point of view on makeup haha. And to answer your question yes it does bloody hurt if you get it in your actual eye haha. I find liquid the worst for that as it kind of spreads around your eye ball and a little of it turns from a liquid to an odd texture and you have to blink a million times and then your eye's all blood shot. Sounds crazy right lol but i'm sure any other female that has had an accident with it will get exactly what i mean haha.

    I've been racking my brain for a really tough question for you lol, look forward to the next part of this series x

    1. Ouch! My eye hurts just thinking about it ha
      Thanks for the kind words it's very flattering

  5. Good response Adam and I agree with you. I think eyeliner should be embraced, if you want too and if you are confident in using it. There are too many girls and guys out there though who need a Youtube masterclass or 14 in how to use it properly and not end up looking like Robert Smith from the Cure ;) M xx

    1. Thanks Mel x Yeah Robert Smith look isnt suppose to be good lol x