Friday, 5 April 2013

Screw You Adam

In Another Friday Post from Resident moaner @Nerfspur He uses it to express his anger towards Reality TV and Blog Creator Adam! Enjoy! You will probably agree with him, so leave a comment or tweet him your views.

Apparently, Mr Barker thinks I am the 'resident moaner'. I find this extremely unfair as I am very much a 'transient moaner' and will apply my trade anywhere. In revenge, I will discuss a subject close to Adam's heart: Reality TV.
Firstly, I think it's important to clarify one thing: In no way does it represent 'reality'. You shove a camera in anyone's face and they will not behave normally. They will either ham it up or, like me, try to minimise the time it's there. This is made ten times worse by the fact that the people who apply for, and end up on this drivel, are far from normal and need to be rounded up and sent to some North Korea, where I bereive… sorry... believe people like them are used for target practice.
Secondly, while I can accept there is a small market for this output, there is no need for every other show to to feature members of the public. Actors train for years to entertain and move us with their skills. Therefore, we don't need some slightly overweight 16 year old, whose Mum has always told her she can sing, being humiliated on Saturday night TV by Simon 'If I was any more smug I'd be Robbie Williams' Cowell. This is not entertainment. Slapping the deluded mother around the face, until she can hear properly, would be.
It's not for me to tell you what TV you should watch. It's, sadly, still a free country where idiots are not locked away for their own protection. However, if you ever start a conversation with me with the words 'Did you watch TOWIE last night?', expect short sharp violence and to be tied to a chair to watch Game of Thrones, until you have taste.
Rant over temporarily.


  1. Actors, yes. So many points I agree with. Thanks for sharing.