Friday, 26 April 2013

The B-Word

The Hilarious @nerfspur has his say on he who should not be named......Ok it's Justin Bieber!

Let's start by pointing out that this is not going to be a typical Bieber-bashing rant. That'd be far too easy and has been done to death. Everyone reading this is fully aware that the boy is a talentless clown who is currently going through a 'Culkin' or the premature 'full MJ'.
I don't have an issue with him, what I have an issue with is his fans or, more accurately, acolytes. They are terrifying.
I talk about anything on Twitter. I have told jokes about necrophilia, paedophiles and mass-genocide, but, barring a few comments, get very little heat for it. If I say one bad word about that Canadian toss-piece, however, I get dozens of angry pre-pubescent girls from every country imaginable telling me to: 'stop hating on a teenage boy who's dream came true!'
It's a worry because, if enough of these teenie-boppers carry this devotion into adulthood, how long before we have suicide bombings from Beliebers against a newspaper that insults him or his monkey? Or suicide pacts when he comes out as gay?

I think the safest thing we can all do is boycott all music from Canada. Lets face it, we wouldn't be missing out on much. No Celine Dion, Nickelback or Bryan Adams? Hardly a loss. Alternatively, we could lock anyone suspected of being a Beiberite in a room and perform electro-aversion therapy on them until they are demanding ACDC albums for christmas.
Until next time, avoid the B-word on Twitter and 12 year old girls-particularly if they say aboot.
You have been warned.



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