Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The Life of Blimey #10 - Adieu

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More Mindless Rambling from the Streets, with our Resident #TRAMPonline in The Life of @TheBlimey

Wednesday 10 April
Me: Hello H, how are you this fine Spring morning?
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey

Thursday 11 April

Me: Good morning H, how are you?
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey

Friday 12 April  

Me: Howdy doody H, you OK?
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey

Saturday 13 April

Me: Good Saturday to you, H. Hope you are well?
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey 

Sunday 14 April

Me: It's Sunday H, may God bless you!
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey

Monday 15 April

Me: Hello H, the start of another fun filled week!
Big H: Fuck off, Blimey

Tuesday 16 April

Me: Hi!
Big H: Hi!

I've always wanted to end this blog on a high.

Big H looking a lot like Jose Mourinho

The #TRAMPonline Blog Posts will be taking a couple of weeks off whilst Blimey heads off the Tramps that Blog Convention in North Korea. But Next week we have some special posts to cover in his absence.
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