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The Life of Blimey #9 - Absolute rubbish

The Blog's very own #TRAMPonline is back in the Life of @TheBlimey . Life from the streets! This Week Blimey and his Friends discuss Blimey's recent visit to Wales. Feel Free to Leave a Comment or Tweet @TheBlimey

The #TRAMPonline Returns. More Comedic Ramblings from Life on The Street.

Back from sunny Wales, Blimey talks to Big H about his nephew.

"Hey H, I'm back! How are things?"
" 'Things' says to tell you to fuck off, Blimey"
"Good to see you too, H"
"Didn't know you'd been away, Blimey. Hadn't seen you for a few days so assumed you were dead. Suppose you want your box back"
"Yes please, H"
"I've been using it to shit in"
"In that case, you keep it, H, it's getting warmer, I'll find a park bench"
Blimey gets comfortable for a mid afternoon snooze

"So where you fucking bin [sic], Blimey?"
"Ha ha, a clever play on words there, H"
"What you fucking talking about, Blimey?"
"You 'refuse' to speak the Queen's English, ha ha"
"You're talking rubbish again, Blimey"
"Ha ha, exactly, H. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I've 'bin' to see my nephew 'Wheelie Bryn' in Wales"
[Dear Reader, especially the one in America, it is important to note that Wheelie Bryn is another extremely witty play on words. It may help to know that Bryn has an American cousin - Trash Ken. Thank you. Carry on.]
"Wheelie Bryn? What does he do?"
"Well he was a refuse collector for the Swansea City Council, until he left recently under unusual circumstances"
"Was he given the sack, Blimey?"
"Ha ha, you're on a roll now, H, much like those plastic bin liners"
"Was he dismissed for persistently failing to collect the garbage? Refusing the refuse?"
"No, H, he left due to a reawakened interest in fashion"
"You're shitting me, Blimey"
"No, seems he's been reading the Hayley Thrills blog with unexpected consequences"
"What, you mean he's fucking returned to college to fulfil his long held desire to design his own range of clothes?
"Er, no, H. He was sacked for wearing a pink tutu"
"That conversation was a waste of time Blimey"
"And all our others aren't, H?"
Wheelie Bryn just tutu pretty in pink

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