Thursday, 2 May 2013


Curiosity Killed the Ditz #11: Why Do We Like Big Butts

Resident Lifestyle Blogger @DitzWitDtits is back with more Questions. why Do we Like big butts?

Why; the three little words that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosy or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to try and find answers to my Whys.

“I like Big Butts and I can not lie…”, and if you are a true butt lover, you completed that with, “you other brothers can’t deny”…But Why? Why do we like big Butts??

Well there is always the usual, they are juicy (ewww wet bootee), they are round (duh), and they jiggle (I will give you that). Being an owner of a very large posterior, it does wiggle and jiggle a lot. Especially when moved by a good smack. It’s kinda like a very firm jello, it’s so fun to make it wiggle and watch it jiggle.

Other than the physical characteristics, are there other reasons? Well some scientists say:

“...may have evolved as a way to store fat away from the central body and thus allow heat exchange to occur in a better manner. A similar evolutionary adaptation has occurred in "fat tailed sheep" and camels -- both hot weather dwelling -- (where the fat is localized in one area making heat exchange in other areas more efficient.). Perhaps, it was also a way of providing a necessary energy reserve for times of lean food rationing.”

Or, there is always the laymen’s answer, you sit a lot the but spreads. That is plausible. It is a good reason to why mine is so big but I had it even when I lost weight. I believe that there is a good dose of genetics. Genetic mutation as described above? Maybe, but my heritage doesn’t come from hot locations from what I can tell. Guess I am just lucky, kinda.

The downside of a big butt:
1.      People want to spank you… a lot.
2.      Pants don’t fit right
3.      It is a desired trait that is undesirable

Let me explain #3. Yes people love a big butt, but people also will criticize you for being overweight. Sometimes in the same breath. Can’t please everyone so please yourself, right :)

Well, I think I am all Ass’d out. Naaahhhhh… bring that big bootee to Mama, I wanna see it jiggle. (yes, I was talking to the mirror again :))

Hugs my beautiful big butt friends. Shake those things proudly!

Keep questioning.



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  1. I think the reasons we like big butts are evolutionary. Not only are big butts enjoyable to look at, smack & grab, they also indicate fertility.
    Somewhere in our minds is the primitive drive to procreate & to find a suitable mate for childbearing. Like big breasts, the big butt is sought after because of lust as well as for sexual desire.
    That concludes my nerd answer. Very interesting why this week, and I just love big butts. For the wiggle & jiggle.

  2. I like people who like big butts, they cannot lie :P
    And I'm obsessed with men boobs. I mean strong, muscular men boobs. Not ashamed to admit it :D
    And I don't like pancake butts, do some squats! I am so happy I got some butt after one year of workingout, I was so flat before. lol
    Sorry for tmi :P
    Great post X

    Deja Zu