Monday, 20 May 2013


White Collar Hooligan 2: Barker Away!

New Movie from @PaulTanter #WhiteCollarHooligan2 is OUT NOW! I was lucky enough to see it Before it's release and catch up with some of the cast.Take a Read of what happened and what I thought of the film.

"What Do you fancy watching?" 
A common question asked in my household, as I suppose is the same in many households around the country, maybe the world. It's a Question that can spark arguments too. I know the amount of bickering arguments I have had with my other half over what film to watch, silly little arguments which usually end up with one of us getting the hump, giving in and watching something nobody is actually paying attention to.
If you think about it, That Question is a VERY hard question to answer. I mean, How many movies are there out there to watch? Millions! How many different ways can we watch them? We have DVD rentals, Streaming sites like Netflix, Catch up TV and even films you have recorded on your Sky+/V+ box. The World of choice spoils you.

So What the Hell am I talking about? Well, in usual rambling fashion, I'm trying my best to make a point that a lot of films out there need to grab your attention. They need to be recommended, advertised to you and simply put out for you to see. This can be easy with Michael Bay Blockbusters! Millions of Dollars pumped into viral marketing, Billboards, Cross Promotion, McDonalds Happy Meals! Those types of films benefit from gathering your attention.
But people forget, There are smaller budget, Independent films out there that have to graft to be heard. They have to be as creative as possible to build a great story and Cast/Crew to make a film people will take notice of. A Lot of British Films need the audience to give them a chance and try and impress with great storytelling,  great acting and the sense of passion in film making to fully connect with the audience.

Last year I stumbled across a team of Actors, Directors,Writers and Producers who were working hard to create some great British Films with the tools they had. The Main film I came across was "The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan". A British Crime Thriller about a Football Hooligan who get's caught up with Credit Card fraud and falls in too deep.
(You can Watch this film on NETFLIX)
The Film was a great British film Written and Directed by Paul Tanter. I spoke to Paul about the film for a special Podcast Episode as well as chatting to Actresses Rebecca Ferdinando and Rita Ramnani, who has become part of the Podcasting Collection. 
(You can Hear the PODCAST here)

Over the course of the year, I kept in touch with all them via email and twitter and kept up with the productions of their films. 
GBH: Directed by Simon Phillips and starring Nick Nevern was another fantastic Gritty Thriller set around the London Riots
(Listen to the PODCAST here)
Fall of The Essex Boys: Directed by Paul Tanter tells a version of The Infamous Range Rover Murders.
(Watch the VIDEO PODCAST here)
(Listen to the PODCAST chat here - Chat is 16 minutes into the show)

I managed to get Rita more involved with the Podcast and to my astonishment she took to it like a duck to water. Recording several segments, Promos and NOW she can be heard EVERY episode as the Voice of The ODDcast PODcast UK.

Listen to The Rita Ramnani PROMO for The ODDcast PODcast UK

Keeping in touch with these people, allowed me to keep up to date with their projects and create a buzz about them. 
I am a massive film fan and I respect anybody who goes out and is creative. Creating a Film is a tough task and anybody who goes at it full throttle deserves my respect for sure. I am also a massive fan of British Films, which I think every British person should be #SupportBritishFilm, so watching these types of films wasn't a hard ask.

So.....Bringing you up to date! Last Night Myself and Fellow Podcaster Billy were invited to a screening of PART 2 of White Collar Hooligan! We set out to London "All the Way from Essex!" as Rita put it, and met up with the Hooligan team ( They aren't actually Hooligans, I'm just referring to them as Hooligans because of the film.........Shut up it works OK! ). But being early we even managed to sit down before the screening with Actress Rebecca Ferdinando who filled the 20 minutes waiting time with her life story. I Love Rebecca and she was so animated in telling me stories of her work that at one point she even managed to grab my arm and nearly give myself a Bruise ( I'm no wuss! Rebecca is strong! She works out, Don't underestimate her ). After a quick drink, we headed back to the Screening and met the Hooligans ( Shut up, I'm sticking with that ). 
Chatting to Actor Nick Nevern, who is possibly the coolest guy you'll ever meet. Director Paul Tanter who even with severe Jet Lag was pleased to see me, even if he probably couldn't see me due to the Jet Lag making his eyes drop. And Friend of The Podcast Rita Ramnani, which was great to have an actual face to face chat with other than the several Skype sessions we usually have for the Podcast.

So We all settled in the Screening room with lots of other people to watch PART 2 of The White Collar Hooligan Series..........

Click Here to listen to The Podcast recorded specially for The Movie: ODDcast PODcast Ep92

Short Synopsis: Mike Jacobs is hiding out in Spain with Girlfriend Katie when People who are after him find them, Kidnap Katie and give him 4 days to get £2 Million Pounds or else. This Sets Mike on a race against time to save Katie and he stumbles across Old friend Eddie in the meantime.

NOW, I Won't spoil the Film for anybody out there. In Fact I won't discuss too much about, because If You haven't seen the First one, I Fully recommend you going out and getting BOTH of the films and having a double header. All I will say is The film is BIGGER and BETTER than the First one! A Great Step up like all sequels should be. Having the action set across London to Spain to New York it was fast paced and edge of your seat. 
The On Screen Chemistry between Nick Nevern (Mike) and Simon Phillips (Eddie) was Fantastic. Both Actors teamed up perfectly like a Modern day Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid. Rita Ramnani (Katie) had a bigger role this time round and didn't disappoint. Even though she was playing the Damsel in distress role, she had more of a bite about her. Tom Benedict Knight (Proshinko) A brand new character who played the Bad Guy role great. Playing the Big Boss with menace and intensity. 
Great Direction from Paul Tanter. Some Great shots there and with Cinematographer Haider Zafer back on board it was still the same quality I expected.The script was tight, fun and well paced. Not Overly complicated, nor did it need to be. Some great little twists and great suprises in there. In Fact there is even a "Homage" ( Not my words, But the Words of Paul Tanter ) to.......ME! Yes that's right! There is a little homage to my good self put in there thanks to Writer and Director Paul Tanter. It's Not a spoiler, it's pretty much Mike's name under the witness protection is "Mike BARKER" ! How cool is that?! Honoured to hear my Second Name used in the film. ( Some times its the simple things in life that impress me )

So The Film was a Triumph in my opinion. The team of Hooligans ( Ok, it does sound a bit stupid, I'll stop now ) worked hard and created a great film. I fully recommend this film. If I hadn't taken a chance to watch lower budget indie films I may never have seen the passion, effort and hard work that goes in to these films.

Verdict: BIGGER, BETTER and BOLDER! Great Film, Really Enjoyed it.

So Go Check out "White Collar Hooligan 2" Follow the Cast and Crew on Twitter and Get involved and start Supporting British Film. 

Order YOUR Copy here: Amazon

So, Finally after the Screening we headed back to a Hotel Bar in SoHo where we had a few drinks and a chat about the film and other things. Was Great having a good chat with Rita. She is like a Sister to me the way she is, a genuine person who is a laugh to be around.

ALSO a special shout out to Miss GiGi who appeared in the Film and even in Supar Nova's Music Video. We had a great chat with her and her Brother Simon. GiGi or @GiGipetite1 on Twitter was hilarious to talk to and really wants to get in on the podcast! And I promise you, when we get her on, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! This girl is GOLD!.

Have you seen it? what did you think? Let me know.


  1. Looks like an interesting film to me! I haven't seen it, but I did see Green Street Hooligans and I'm really digging the vibe in the film. I should see if the White Collar Hooligan is as good as that one ;)

    Thanks for sharing, mate x

    1. Thanks Mate. Hope you enjoy it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it x