Saturday, 8 June 2013


Curiosity Killed the Ditz #16: Why do we hum?

Why; the three little letters that haunt my existence. From the moment I could speak I always wanted to know why. Now as an adult I am finding less and less people that want to answer my questions. I have been called nosey or weird, and angered many a person, with just those 3 letters. This is my story, quest you could call it, to try and find answers to my Whys.


This "why" was given to me by a coworker. It really made me wonder, why do we hum? I hum a lot but most of the time it isn't a concerted effort. it just happens. When I researched it, I came up with some interesting things. We hum to calm our nerves, to relive a moment, to help remember, and to soothe others.

I seem to hum most when I am trying to remember a song or tune I have heard. The act of humming helps to focus my thoughts on the song and more comes back to me. The whole process calms me down, and I find myself more relaxed afterwords.

I also have found the more I hum, the happier I become.There is a reason we become happier. researchers at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden found that nitric oxide levels in the sinuses were 15 times higher during humming than during normal, quiet exhalations. Nitric oxide (NO) helps to dilate the capillary beds and increase blood flow.What this all means is that if you hum, your blood flows better and more oxygen will flow through your system, making you feel better.

Not only can humming make you feel better, it can make others feel better as well. The vibrations caused by humming can soothe an ear ache or calm someone down. It is reminiscent of the white noise experienced when a person is the womb. Be careful though, the wrong tone can be irritating and we don't want to do that.

Its definitely amazing what a little sound can do.

Keep questioning.



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