Friday, 28 June 2013

Get your Blog HEARD!

So hopefully soon I want to put together a special #BBloggers #FBloggers podcast special where YOU and your BLOG get......wait for it.......HEARD!! 

I want to do a special compilation style episode that involves your voice explaining your blog, who you are, what you write about etc. 

What I need is an audio recording of yourself that's about 5-10 mins long. 

In it you can say what you want. 
- promote your blog 
- tell people what it's about 
- show your character 
- record like you would a you tube VLOG 
- have fun. Sell your blog 
- read out a blog post if you want as of your are telling it for the first time 
- got a beauty line ? Talk about it
- got a fashion line ? Promote it 
- sing a song. Tell a joke. Whatever lol 

Do what you like. Just have fun and hopefully people will hear that and go to your blog. 

Once I have a load from people I'll compile an episode and release it. And promote it. Think of it as a FREE advert that you can then link to people. 

You up For this? Go for it x

Hope to hear from soon. 

Email me at : or tweet me @barkerpodcasts 

Don't know why there's a photo of dannii Minogue here but enjoy it. 


  1. Sounds like a cool idea, even though I've never really been great at selling myself haha but count me in anyways x

    1. Awesome. Look forward to hearing what you have to say x

  2. Great idea!! I'll certainly be giving it a go!

    1. fantastic. look forward to hearing your recording xx