Friday, 23 August 2013


The #BatFleck Rises!

Why Do we make "Gigli", "Forces of Nature" and "Surviving Christmas" Ben? So we can learn to make "Gone,Baby Gone", "The Town" and "Argo"

Why Do we make "Gigli", "Forces of Nature" and "Surviving Christmas" Ben? So we can learn to make "Gone,Baby Gone", "The Town" and "Argo"

So The News broke recently that the NEXT Batman will be played by BEN AFFLECK! That's right! The Same Man who spent the early 90's starring in all Kevin Smith movies "Chasing Amy" "Dogma" and saving the the world with Bruce Willis "Armageddon". He then spent most of the 00's making some god awful films such as  "Gigli" "Surviving Christmas" and "Forces of Nature". Amongst this time he also attempted to break into the Comic Book world with his portrayal of Blind Superhero "DareDevil"

Now, I'm sorry but even though I am NOT the biggest Comic book Geek  I Know having a film about a Blind Superhero was bound to fail! I don't care how great the comics are and how dark the graphic novels are, The character was lesser known and harder to invest in, so automatically making it tough for audiences to get excited. Plus this was all released before "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" and "Dark Knight Trilogy" made Superhero Movies cool again.

But that was then! This is now! And with "The Dark Knight Trilogy" over and The "Man of Steel" sequel preparing to introduce Bruce Wayne and Batman, it's time for a new Actor to step into the Rubber suit, minus nipples hopefully.

So Mr Affleck follows in the footsteps of:
Michael Keaton, Who was blasted by fans before becoming Batman
Val Kilmer, Somebody that nobody actually noticed had take over
George Clooney, Who people thought was going to bring his "Dusk Til Dawn" Presence to the film instead brought his presence from "Return of The Killer Tomatoes"
Christian Bale, Who again was blasted by fans for being too fat then skinny then too gravelly and then unable to grow proper facial hair.

People on the Net are already angry at this appointment. Bringing up his "DareDevil" Role and forgetting how great Affleck's career has been since the early 00's. Since getting behind the camera Affleck has been improving his prowess in the industry. "Gone,Baby Gone" was a great film, even though he directed it only. "The Town" again was a great acting chops movie, albeit with "Bawstan" Drawl and even "Argo" which showed he can play subtle, moody and can grow a decent beard for an older Batman.

So What do YOU think of The #BatFleck taking the reigns in the Bat Cave? Let me know below or Tweet me @BarkerPODcasts 


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