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Who and What is "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood"?

I manage to chat to Actress Petra Bryant about her upcoming films including "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood" and "The Last Scout" plus much much more.

You know what I love about Twitter? or Social Networking in general for that matter? well it's the instant interaction you can have with people who before you would never have been able to chat to. Over my time on the social platform and building up a certain amount of listeners of the podcasts and readers of the blog, I have met and made quite a few friends from different sectors of..........well anything. 
One thing I am pleased to have got involved with is chatting to Filmmakers and people in the industry. As somebody who is extremely interested in the film industry it is always nice to keep up to date with the going's on with filmmakers and Actors Alike.

You are now probably aware of my ongoing interaction with some talented Filmmakers and Actors in the form of Rebecca Ferdinando, Paul Tanter, Nick Nevern, Simon Phillips and Rita Ramnani who is now a key figure in The ODDcast PODcast UK . She even appeared in the ever popular Audio Play for Ep100 as well a series of promos and comedy sketches for the podcast.

A New Actress who I have stumbled across is Czech Actress Petra Bryant. And it now appears that Petra has teamed up with Paul Tanter for upcoming film "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood"

I received a press release on the upcoming thriller due for release in 2014.

"Press On Features, Runaway Features and Gloucester Place Films have wrapped on feature "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood", a kidnap thriller set in New York and Turkey. Paul Tanter penned and directed the film, with Simon Phillips producing. The film sees a woman kidnapped on her honeymoon, and her ex-soldier husband's efforts to free her.

Phillips said "Paul has done a great job crafting a taut, exciting "Taken"-style thriller with great action scenes"

Czech actress Petra Bryant makes her feature film debut as a leading lady and Wanted star Mark O'Neal takes the male lead role with Kicks Ass 2”s Tom Knight , 24’s Akbar Kurtha and Rise of Footsoldier’s Billy Murray all in supporting roles.

Gloucester Place Films’ Nigel Thomas and Billy Murray are executive producing the feature due for release in summer 2014."

Over the last few months I have gotten to know Petra via the wonders of social interaction and she is definitely one to watch for the future. Upon the release of the Poster for "Lenka" I decided to ask her a few questions about the film, her foray into acting and more.

ME: So Petra, what is "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood"? and Who do you play in it?
Petra: I am very excited about being part of "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood" as it’s my first female lead role in a feature film.In the film I play Lenka who is engaged to an ex-military New Yorker. A series of events unravel as Lenka and Dexter go to Turkey for their honeymoon. Expect to see unexpected twists. This is a fast paced thriller based on unconditional love.

ME: You Previously worked alongside Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter in upcoming film "The Last Scout". Can you tell us anymore about that? Who do you play in that?
PETRA: The Last Scout is a British Sci-Fi film set in Space. In the Film I play Captain Melissa. I am the token European in the film. I loved playing Melissa as there is added mystery to her character. Her boyfriend (played by Blaine Grey) is a Captain on another ship which is heading in the opposite direction to her ship. Will they ever meet again? Ok I will stop there!! All I will say is there are definitely no Horses in the film
ME: Is that a Notting Hill reference?
PETRA: Yes! 
ME: Brilliant! So what got you into acting in the first place?
PETRA: Acting was something I have always wanted to do since I was a child but my parents wouldn't let me! So because of that I have ‘escaped to London to pursue my dream.
What attracted me to acting was the chance to become somebody else even just if it was for a day. Would I prefer pretending to be a baddie or an action hero as opposed to working in an office? Oh I think so!!!

ME: So what would be your ideal film role?
PETRA: I would love to play someone funny and goofy yet smart but living a double life at the same time. Think clumsy superhero and that'd be perfect!
ME: I am sure I can write something for you! So who would be your idols in the movie industry? People you look up to? 
PETRA: I have a few for different reasons. Woody Allen, Helen Hunt, Audrey Tautou, Audrey Hepburn, Lena Dunham, Tarantino, Tony Curtis, Cameron Diaz and Diane Kruger.

ME: What advice would you have to give to anybody who wants to get into acting?
PETRA: I don’t think I am qualified to dish out advice but if I had to I would say keep going and don’t expect instant results. Hard work takes years.

ME: Ok, So what else can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?
PETRA: I have been cast as Faustina for the film "Fallen Eagle"where I'll be Playing a graceful character set in Roman times. This is a dream come true. I am looking forward to the amazing costumes and learning more about the history! I hope it will be as big as Gladiator.

ME: And before we go you recently released a short film titled "Cuffs and Collar". How did that come about and what input did you have with it?
PETRA: I actually gave up acting for several years and came back to it in 2013 as I could not live without it! I approached director Laura Marcato as she directed several music videos for a singer friend of mine. I wanted to make a short film which would tap into a fashion/film noir genre and to create something dark. I adore old Hollywood glamour and we wanted to translate that so it fit into 2013. As well as being the female lead in the short I am also a producer on this project. 

So There you go! How Awesome is Petra?! I think this girl is brilliant. Love her quirky sense of humour. You should go follow her on Twitter @PetraBryant and give her a tweet! She is an avid Fashion fan too so if that's your bag then check her out.

I Shall keep you updated with more info on the upcoming movies "The Last Scout" and "The Disappearance of Lenka Wood" when I get more. Hopefully soon I shall have other cast members and even Director/Writer Paul Tanter on the podcast for some good old fashioned audio goodness.

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