Monday, 11 November 2013

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#Mashion & #Meauty No.15: The EMAs Red Carpet Review

More Nonsensical Ramblings on my reactions to some of the fashion on show at the MTV EMAs 2013

The Fifteenth (#15) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

Here I am again, to spout my nonsensical ramblings in a poorly executed and ill informed post for the, ever decreasingly interesting #Mashion and #Meauty series of posts. I haven't done another one of these posts since the last MTV awards ceremony, and to be honest it's been because I am slowly running out of things to say with #Mashion and #Meauty. Plus I have been busy with my ongoing Podcast work and so forth.

Anyway, you haven't come here for a catch up, you have come here to see what I had to say on some of the fashion on show at the recent MTV event. So I won't leave you hanging on much longer.

Please remember, I am in no way, shape or form a fashion expert. These are purely the mindless ramblings and opinions of a man who once wore silver trousers! (Yes Silver!)

BIG HAIRED LADY: Who is she? I have no idea! But whatever she is wearing it is hideous! Totally Horrible! I can't actually work out the bottom half, it's like one of those pictures that confuse you, like the never ending staircase! 

BUDGET RHIANNA: I joke, I actually have warmed to Rita Ora since she started wearing more clothes. She looks quite hot here and can't go wrong flashing a bit of leg can you? Worked for Angelina Jolie, it's gotta work for Ora.

Bridget Mendler: I had to google the name of this lady and am still none the wiser who she is. Whoever she is, she looks extremely uncomfortable and bored. The look into the distance just cries out "Did I leave the oven on?"

SOMETHING POP: This Pop Duo, Icona Pop? Stupid Name! Well they look so mismatched and terrible here. The Ginger one looks like a Drag Queen version of Beetlejuice!! 

IGGY POP!: I have heard this chicks songs and find them as annoying and irritating as I find this outfit. Apparently flashing your minge in public is now what you need to do to sell records. Iggy Azalea needs a crash course in having some dignity. No one wants to see that on the Red carpet!.........Pick your moments Iggy!.

RON BURGUNDY: He is simply Staying Classy!

SOMETHING GRANDE: I Still don't know this girl. She is a pretty little thing and looks like she is having fun. Whoever she is, and I know I didn't know who she was in the previous post, she seems to be quite fashionable. 

KATY PERRY: Katy back with her 50's inspired look! I love myself a bit of Perry and think she always looks good when she does herself up quite demure ( thats right I used the word demure ). I didn't realise how pale she was though. maybe its pale colour shes wearing.

ELLIE GOULDING: Oh Ellie! Why? It looks like you forgot your dress so just grabbed the nearest netting from a curtain! I don't get the whole see through lace fashion these girls seem to love. Either show it all or not at all. 

LAURA WHITMORE: Or Laura "The LEGS" Whitmore!! This Girl has possibly the greatest legs I've seen ever!  Love this outfit! Shows off her legs and thats all I need to see from this beauty! 

MILEY CYRUS: The Most talked about Pop star in recent history! never lets you down at an Awards event. Looking like a street hooker who got lost on the way to meeting her pimp, but what the hell, it's Miley Cyrus! I don't expect anything other than cheap and slutty from now on! You go girl! Work it! 

So There you go! What did YOU Think? Let me know Below, or send me Tweet at @BarkerPODcasts


  1. Love it. You should totally do the commentary for E

    1. ha I could give Joan Rivers a run for her money for sure!

  2. Omg. you don't know how much fun I'm having reading these kind of posts! probably little bit too much :D
    Probably the only outfit I like here is Rita Ora's, I think she's beautiful anyways.
    Lol at big haired ady, lol at Robert Thicke in woman version (he was beetlejuice too!) and the girl on the right looks like one of the Kardaskians (please, God no, this world already has too many Kardashians!), Miley Cyrus doesn't even shock me anymore. Casual outfit!
    Oh, and Katy Perry doesn't look bad at all. She reminds me of "Thinking of You" video time, I feel in love with her that time, then I unloved her, now I love her again. Just with the looks, I'm not digging her music too much now.
    Thank you for this amazing post! :) xx

    1. Ha yeah I get what you mean about Katy Perry x
      No More Kardashians! I agree!
      Thanks for enjoying my post mate, i have fun reading your reactions to my reactions haha x
      Until the next red carpet!! :)

  3. This made me laugh a LOT, i love these posts! And about the minge flashing, hit the nail on the head! What is wrong with female singers these days it actually really angers and disgusts me, are they not aware that very young ladies look up to them, they are going to make the next generation a load of minge flashing nasties and i am far from cool with that!!!!! Ok rant over lol x

  4. Ha i am glad we all agree on #mingegate lol :-)