Sunday, 10 November 2013

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The Dinner Party - Interview with The Creators (Podcast Special)

A special Podcast Episode with Filmmakers Emilia Reid and Dominique Haider as they discuss their short film "The Dinner Party" with Hugh Bonneville.

How many of you out there have actually watched a "Short Film"? I mean honestly, how many of you out there have watched more than Five "Short Films" in the past Five years? 

I wouldn't be surprised if most of you out there haven't sat down and watched many short films, nor have you even thought about watching them. Short Films are a medium within the film industry that is fairly difficult to showcase and get out to the audience of movie-goers.

If you search YOUTUBE you can come across some good short films whether they are Fan Made Spoofs, Amatuer Shorts or even Animated Shorts. But Short films are usually created by filmmakers as a kind of calling card to the film industry that may get them exposure and possibly work in the future. Short films, with the exception of Pixar Shorts, aren't usually shown in cinemas. Short films are showcased at Film festivals and can very easily bypass the average movie going audience.

Anyway, Recently I sat down with filmmakers Emilia Reid and Dominique Haider for a Podcast Chat about their short film "The Dinner Party" starring "Downton Abbey" Star Hugh Bonneville

"One snowy evening a gentleman waits for his dinner guests to arrive. But he might be waiting some time...."

We sat down and discussed the process of their production, the conception of the idea and the advice they can give other aspiring filmmakers out there to go and make their own "Short Films".
The Podcast was extremely fun to record as not only are the two girls extremely talented and creative but also hilarious and easy going.  Take a Listen to the Podcast and see for yourself.
Episode 116 of The ODDcast PODcast - The Dinner Party Podcast

Direct Download HERE

I asked Emilia, who has appeared in the Podcast Previously, to answer a short Q and A for this Blog also.

Me: Where did the idea come from? 
Emilia: I asked Dominique to come up with a short film, only a few minutes long that had a VFX sequence in it. Literally a couple of hours later she sent me The Dinner Party

Me: How did you get Hugh involved? 
Emilia: I had worked with Hugh a few times before, at the London Film Festival, then met him whilst I was working at BBC Films and then finally on Burke and Hare on which I was a runner. I sent him the script and he left me a voicemail whilst I was in the cinema (of course) saying that he loved it. I eventually worked up the courage to ask if he would do it and he said yes. He had one day free to film it because he had so many other commitments including Downton Abbey, and so that was it. We had a production date set, and we did film it in just one day

Me: What preparation did you have to do before filming?
Emilia: There wasn't much script development. Hugh added in a few of his own lines on the day. But Dominique and I sat down for hours and discussed exactly how we wanted it to look and we planned and drew up every single shot that we wanted. I went out and location scouted and then we found Keat's House which was so perfect and exactly how we had imagined it. We couldn't believe it. We also hunted for the best crew and called in a lot of favours. Everyone was so brilliant and professional, and we wouldn't have pulled it off if it weren't for them. 

Me: What was the shoot like? 
Emilia: Intense, but so much fun. Directing and producing at the same time, even on something this small is hard as you are in charge of every single thing. It was a long day and everyone was so hard working, so kind, so generous that we managed to get it all done. Hugh was incredibly down to earth and gracious; it was such a pleasure working with that team.

Me: What now for this short? 
Emilia: We are in the process of festival submissions - it just played at the Portobello Film Festival and its in competition for the G-Technology Driven Creativity Competition. It was also in contention for The Virgin Media Shorts Competition.

Me: What advice would you give aspiring filmmakers out there?
Emilia: I'll steal the tag line from Nike and say 'Just Do It'. Don't wait for anyone's permission, don't wait for anyone else's money, get on a crowd-funding website and just go for it. 

Hope you enjoy the Podcast. 
To follow more from Emilia and Dominique you can find them:
Twitter: @EmiliaReid

And the Film "The Dinner Party" will hopefully be available on iTunes very soon.

Also seeing as this is a Post about Short Films, In the Podcast we discuss 2 Shorts that I have personally created. You can see them here:


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