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The Only way is Essex Boys : Retribution

I Recently watched Paul Tanter's "Essex Boys: Retribution" and here is my review on it.

#TOWIEBR......Doesn't have the same ring to it does it? But that is the way I felt after watching the recent Paul Tanter film "Essex Boys: Retribution". This is a film that gives a new dynamic and twist to the 1995 Range Rover Murders. A Fictional Tale set 18 years after the infamous true events that rocked Essex.

So Here is a quick synopsis and rundown of the film.
"Almost 20 years after the Essex Boys murders, a New Generation of drug dealers are hitting the club scene in Essex. But soon revenge and control of the territory raises it's ugly head"

So this film is a sequel (of sorts) to Paul Tanters "The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013)" and picks up 18 years later with a fictional story to add mystery to the already complicated story of the true events. Paul takes on the writing duties as well as directing with this film and it brings a more dynamic, slick and darkly comedic turn as opposed to the very serious, down the line tone it's predecessor took. Although this film is a sequel, it can easily be a stand alone film as the narrative and structure of the story tells you more than enough background to get you up and running with this film.
Billy Murray (The Bill, White Collar Hooligan) returns and offers a great narration to help move the story along and gives you all the information you need to never feel lost. Billy Murray is a Class actor and true "Essex Boys" Veteran. The Film focuses on four essex drug dealers new on the Essex club scene. Great Performances from Ian Virgo (Black Hawk Down), Ryan Winsley (Piggy), Alex Esmail (Attack the Block) and Kyle Summercorn (Adulthood). All four young actors worked extremely well together with a tight script and snappy dialogue to make it work. Special mention goes to Ryan Winsley whose character of Neil was brilliant and had some of the best lines throughout, usually involving the C-word.

The four boys have to try and keep a very eager copper at bay who has some sort of vendetta against them. Kye Loren (He Who Dares) is the copper who will not stop until he gets these little shits and he will do anything to catch them out.
With some great appearances from Lorraine Stanley (London to Brighton, Eden Lake) who only has to glare at you to frighten you, Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock..,Mean Machine) pops up and automatically oozes coolness and Paul Marlon who appears with his menacing stare and blonde hair.

The Film is a triumph of entertainment. The script zips with great one liners and great banter between the four drug dealers. The Tonal shift is more darkly comedic, which helps bring the best out of the characters and the way they do their business. The Directing of Paul Tanter improves with every film he makes.
The Beginning Heist sequence a high point in a well directed, paced and orchestrated moment of the film. The Pig masks were a stroke of genius and Tanter gets to give us his "Point Break" moment and pulls it off in style.

Now I know these types of films are not everyone's cup of tea, and I am not writing this to say you're wrong. You are all entitled to your opinion and to like certain types of film. BUT I sometimes feel Low Budget UK Films get a rough rap before anybody has even seen them. I think more people should support the UK film Industry and help it grow and with that, improve it. If we don't get behind the UK film Industry then we can't help it grow.
So Check out Essex Boys: Retribution and see some of the emerging talent out there that you may of missed amongst the blockbusters in the cinema.

I am a massive fan of supporting UK film and UK Talent. Paul Tanter has become one of my favorite filmmakers as I have seen his craft improve and grow in the last year and I don't see it stopping any time soon.
The Future of UK Film looks ever so bright and if you don't get involved now then you will have a lot of catching up to do when it gets big.

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