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#Mashion & #Meauty No.18: The GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Review

The Eighteenth (#18) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

Still Awards season and still an excuse for me to throw out my #Mashion posts for you all to enjoy (or ignore). With the Golden Globes and SAG Awards done, it's time for the Music world to shine on the Red Carpet with The 2014 Grammy Awards. Musicians and Fashion? surely it should be ok........

Swifty: When there's an Awards ceremony, theres Taylor swift! Lurking about for her future conquest for future writing material. Is it me or does Swifty have that "Village of the Damned" look in her eyes? Blonde Hair! Blue eyes! Behind those eyes is pure evil! Evil dressed up like a preppy school girl! Surely thats a fetish somewhere.

Queen B: If I was living under a rock for the past 10 years and suddenly emerged all smelly and cramped, I would have assumed Beyonce was The Queen or something. I don't think I can say a bad word against her, else I will get sued by Jay Zed or something. Anyway, who can't say she is bloody stunning?! She surely is some kind of Angel sent to tempt us and that! (Ooooh Biblical)

Skylar Grey: Not much of a Skylar Grey fan music-wise and looking at this dress I am not a fan of her style either. She looks uncomfortable in this flesh dress! Go get some jeans and t shirt mate! Get comfortable! There is no point wearing vinyl flooring for the sake of it.

Madge: There's an expression "Mutton Dressed as Lamb" but for Madge I am creating a new one "Mutton dressed as a C**T". Can somebody please tell Madge it's 2014 and she is no longer relevant or impressive. Please go home and watch Bargain Hunt like the rest of the 75 year olds!

Pharrell: The Hat! What a fucking Idiot!

Budget Rihanna: Even though I find Rita Ora extremely annoying, I think this Swamp Thing looking dress is pretty good. She looks gorgeous here. If Rihanna ever needs to send somebody to open up a local poundland I'm sure Rita will look glamourous doing it.

Harry From Home Alone?: I don't know who she is but she looks like she is dressed up as Harry from the film "Home Alone" after he gets hit by the feathers. What do you think?

Russell Brand's EX: Ok, I get it! Katy is a musician! She sings songs! Songs have notes in them! Lets put notes on her dress and make it look like a toddler has doodled over it and make her look like a proper respectable artist. I respect you Katy! I respect you.

Some Teen Star: I am sure somebody has previously told me who this woman is, but regardless she looks nice. Nice in the sense that kittens are nice. That a hot water bottle is nice. That finding a five pound note in your jean pocket nice. She looks nice.

Pitch Perfect Lady: I Love Anna Kendrick. She has that girl next door quality about her. I am used to seeing her in films in something sweet. This dress isn't very nice, it's too sexy for her image. Something I imagine Angelina Jolie poking a few legs out of. This is like when I saw Keira Knightly star as a Bounty Hunter in "Domino" It just doesn't feel right. Give her back her cups.

So there you go. What do you think? Do you agree?
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How Rita Met Adam....and Will.....and Ash.....and Marcus! (Special Mini Podcast Episode)

How Rita Met Adam.......and Will.....and Ash......and Marcus (Special MINI Episode)

In this Special MINI Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, whilst the boys are on a break until March, Rita Ramnani presents a special look back episode of their first meeting on the podcast.
Recorded back in May 2012, Rita skypes in with Adam, Will, Ash and Marcus to discuss her latest movie at that time and a little more about herself.

Listen to this Blast from the Past as you get to witness the first meeting of Rita and how Adam hasn't let her leave the show ever since.

Please excuse the not so great sound quality. This was taken from Episode 41 of The ODDcast PODcast UK

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#Mashion & #Meauty No.17: The SAG Awards Red Carpet Review

The Seventeenth (#17) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So the SAG Awards have come and gone, and just like EVERY single Awards show out there, the fashion seems to be more important than the actual awards. Each ceremony dedicates a good few hours prior to the awards where fashionistas drool over the fabric draped over the celebrities.
Again, I will reiterate, I am not an expert, nor do I have a great knowledge of fashion in general. I said once before, I once wore silver trousers! so seriously, I couldn't tell my Armani to Arse-nami. I am the sort of person who judges clothes on instinct reactions.
So, again with this post I will be giving my instant reaction to the Red Carpet fashion.
Here we go...

Kelly O: I remember when fancying Kelly Osbourne was considered weird! Now! WOW! I is weird not to! Well Done Miss Osbourne, looking good! Love the Hair and dress suits her shape. Not bad for a woman who once dressed like a chubby transvestite coming down on Acid!

Queen Mirren: Would it be considered Treason if I said this dress looks fucking hideous? Yes? Oh well take me to jail! I'd rather die in a cell knowing I said my piece rather than pretend to like something simply because Helen Mirren is a female Jesus. 

Sarah Paulson: I Love Sarah Paulson! I think she is an amazing, underrated actress. I think she gets over looked in some great roles and continues to light up the screen whatever she is in. I think Sarah Paulson can do no wrong.........Expect for this dress! This Dress can go fuck it self! Horrible! Frumpy Toilet roll holder dress! Fuck you!

Modern Family Beauty #1: Unlike Sarah Paulson above, Sofia's dress can NOT go fuck itself. She looks great here! Again Big fan of her work, even though she can hardly speak english and plays a very stereotypical role in everything she does. But she is hot and looks like she could beat me up. So, thumbs up girl.

Everyones Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong! I have said it before. Beautiful, Funny, Smart! I dare anybody to come up with a legitimate reason why they don't like Jen law, without sounding like a person trying to stand out from the crowd. You WILL like Jen Law and you WILL bow down to her! She said Arm Vagina LIVE on television don't you know?!

"Armpit Vagina"

Imposter Mariah Carey: Who is this? This isn't the Mariah Carey I know! Since when did Mariah Carey become a Fuller Figured, Ghetto Booty, Puerto Rican looking lady? I remember her as a skinny white girl singing a song on a boat! (My All video). Regardless, she looks like she stumbled onto the carpet via a trip to the local nightclub where she laddered her tights.

Modern Family Beauty #2: Julie Bowen is a very stunning lady. But it took me ages to realise it was her because her dress hurt me eyes. Not being over dramatic here, but it actually blurred my vision for a second and i had to turn away only to see the weird lines burned onto my retina. After going to the eye doctor I re looked and still hate it. looks cheap too! 
*Bitchiest comment I have EVER made*

Sandy B: Much better than her dress at The Globes. She reminds me of a mixture between Quality Street sweet! The one in the Green wrapper that tastes of nougat! and the scales of a mermaid. So Chocolate and fish is what I see here!

The Green Sweet! Do you Agree?
Skylar From Breaking Bad: Ok, Bias here! I LOVE Breaking Bad and everyone associated with it! If Anna Gunn turnt up in a bowler hat and sandwich board that read "Adam is a Dick" I would still love it. This looks is gorgeous! She is Gorgeous! I was once of those Breaking Bad fans who fancied Skyar, even though her character was really irritating most of the time. Well Done Skylar! #BreakingBad forever!

And this wins "Life" Points for being so dam awesome!! Love this! 

Emma Thompson: Love Emma Thompson! Hate Flip Flops and Sandals! So NO! not good enough! 

There you go! I feel like I was a little bit more harsh than usual here. Oh well, What do you think? let me know.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Oscar Nominations for Dummies

So the 2014 OSCAR Nominations were announced today and I am pretty sure most of you have never heard of the films up for the Best Film Award. Well fear not, As I am here to give you a proper rundown of the films vying to win top prize this year.

Best Picture
12 Years a Slave - The guy from "Love Actually" who marries Keira Knightly stars in a film about slavery Directed by Steve McQueen off of the 60's and 70's and star of "The Blob" 

American Hustle - Originally titled "David O'Russell's American Hustle starring Kurt and Keri Russell" but instead the studio ordered them to hire Fat Batman, Black Bradley Cooper, Slutty Lois Lane, That guy who played Jeffery Dahmer once and Katniss Everdeen on crack.

Captain Phillips - Sequel to the Tom Hanks classic "Cast Away". Tom Hanks sails the sea in search of Wilson, the Beach Ball. But he crosses path with Angry Pirates who want Wilson all to themselves. The Most heartwarming tale about a Beach Ball you'll see all year.

Dallas Buyers Club - The star of "Sahara" loses weight, grows a moustache and get's aids so he can hang around with a lovely lady named Janice Leto. The Two then buy the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Gravity - The Isaac Newton Story....OK, I can do better. The Third part of the Miss Congeniality Trilogy. Sandy Bullock goes undercover at the Miss Universe pageant set in space. George Clooney shows up with coffee and gets paid millions.

Her - The Teenager from  "Parenthood" falls in love with his computer.......No seriously that is the story of the film

Philomena - 'M' from james Bond teams up with Alan Partridge as Steve Coogan attempts to break Hollywood for the 100th time.

The Wolf of Wall Street - A True Story about an unlikeable and obnoxious man who does drugs and rips people off. But Leo DiCaprio turns up and makes you want to be like him. 

Nebraska - A Black and White film where people do things and say things in Black and White. 

So There you go. How many of those films have you seen or want to see? Who will win? Do you care? Why wasn't Sharknado nominated?

Let me know your thoughts

*NOTE: These views are my own and not to be taken seriously. If you really think Captain Phillips is a Sequel to Cast Away then please punch yourself in the face.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

#Mashion & #Meauty No.16: The Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Review

The Sixteenth (#16) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

Hey! How are you? Really? Oh, better get that sorted out. I am sure the doctor can prescribe you something for that. So other than that, all good? Yeah? Fantastic. Lets get on shall we? Good.

Hello There, I am back here adding a post to the infamous #Mashion and #Meauty posts you all seem to like reading. Probably more than anything else I do, and I hardly put less effort into these than anything else, so what does that mean? Bloody politics.
So The Golden Globes 2014 has been and gone, but before you gear up for the BAFTAs and Oscars, I was asked by many of you lovely people out there via social networking, stalking and pigeon carriers, to do another "Red Carpet" review on the fashion on show at the ceremony.
Again, I must make this clear, I ain't got a clue about fashion (men and womens) so everything I say is purely a reaction to what I see. So are you ready? Let's have look at what they were wearing.....

LOIS LANE: It's Lois Lane! Blending in with the Red Carpet! Where the dress ends and the carpet starts is a mystery! I hope they made sure she wasn't on the carpet still before they rolled it up, that could be a bit awkward to explain to the dry cleaner "Sorry, We accidentally washed an actress" That sort of thing costs extra.

EMMA "Old enough now" WATSON: A Dress and Trousers?! This is her rebellious side coming out. "Hey Emma wear this dress" "NO! I'm Emma Fucking Watson, I wanna wear trousers too!........and NO Bra!" Yes Emma! You go girl!

CAITLIN SOMEONE: I don't know who this lady is, but I like a bit of baby blue! Can't make fun of this dress because she looks nice. The Kind of nice you like to send home to mother, bake a cake and then let you sleep with Emma "No Bra" Watson because she's ever so nice
*This comment was sponsored by MAD MEN*

DRAGON LADY:  AHHHHH Dragon Lady from "Game of Thrones" has gone brown haired! She looks great and I can't wait to see what her Dragon looks like. Maybe she Drag-jazzelled them up for the occasion. Don't say anything bad about her, I have learnt that over 3 seasons! 

THE QUEEN: I am not being funny, But Somewhere out there, there is an oil painting of Helen Mirren stuck in somebodies attic getting very very old. That is all I can work out how she looks better women half her age! Surely a GILF? 

MEG FROM FAMILY GUY: Apparently the most beautiful woman in the world, looking pretty average! Take a leaf out of Mirren's book Kunis! Dress looks OK. OK must be the worst comment to make about a dress! OK.

LEN WISEMAN'S WIFE: Did she mean to go to an awards ceremony dressed as statue? Is this an inception style trick to make people connect awards and her? Maybe subliminal messaging to remind people that Awards and Kate belong together. If so, expect Underworld Part 35 to win big in 2015!

PRETTY WOMAN: It's Julia Roberts! and she shows Emma "I'm Hip to wear both" Watson how A Listers do it! A Dress and a Shirt! Maybe trousers underneath, who knows! She is Vivian from "Pretty Woman" so shut up! If she want's to wear a dress and shirt, she can, Richard Gere said so!

JEN LAW: Every Woman's 'Girl Crush' can do no wrong! She could wear a bin bag that reads "I Hate The Colour Purple" and people would still love her. Why she would openly say she hated a Spielberg classic starring Whoopi Goldberg is beyond me, but Jen Law is a star who always looks great! And that is a Fact!

MISS CONGENIALITY: Who doesn't love Sandy? What do you mean you don't? Get the Fuck off my page! This lady went into space and came back a hero! How dare you! I don't care if this dress is horrendous and that it looks like somebody made it in textile class, she had a tough in space! Leave her alone! 

GLORIA FROM MODERN FAMILY: This is gorgeous! Stunning! Beautiful! Exactly what you want to see on the Red Carpet year in , year out. Well Done Sofia! Oh, and the dress is alright I suppose.

HARRY STYLES'S EX: I am afraid to say anything bad about Taylor Swift incase she writes a song about me or something.........Prissy little bitch.

So there you go. What do you think? Let me know

Thursday, 9 January 2014

#VintagePODcasts : Panic Stations

As a podcaster of roughly 3 years now, I think I have recorded well 300 Episodes over a total of 8 Podcasts since I decided to pick up the microphone and start chatting shit. Since Feb 2010, I have continually recorded and honed the craft of podcasting, simply learning the ropes as I went. I would teach myself new editing tips, read up on how to make a podcast, listen to others to hear how they do it and guess the best way to release episodes to the public.

Fearne Cotton makes Radio look and sound easy! It's NOT. 
With #VintagePODcasts I want to throw up a post that contains some episodes of podcasts, that may not be the greatest sound wise, but show how through the years I have changed the way I produce a podcast, the way I talk and approach subjects as well as how well crafted a podcast sounds.
I am not saying I am a professional, but I do think a podcast has to follow a few simple rules before you can really take it on it's way to make unique and put your stamp on it.

Back in August 2012 I set up a Local Music Podcast based in Chelmsford called "Panic Stations". This Podcast I set up with friend of mine Andy Poole and we recorded LIVE and played it out like a Radio Show. Each Episode we play music from local talent in the Chelmsford and Surrounding areas and even had guests from the local music and comedy circuit sit and perform live or simply have a chat.

The Podcast was really fun to do, and if I'm honest I think it sounds better NOW than I thought it did back then. The production value was pretty good, seeing as we had several people in the room at the time. We recorded it in Andy's Living room and just about had enough room for people to sit, let along bring in Guitars and even keyboards. I think when I was recording the show I didn't realise how well myself and Andy worked together with the banter. Andy is very much involved with the local music and entertainment scene in Chelmsford, whereas I am not. Infact I think I had to try and sound as clued up as much as possible because I didn't want to sound like I was being rude. Thinking back, I think that prevented me from enjoying the show as much I wanted, even though listening back the dynamic worked out really well.

A few of my Choice Episodes are:
Ep.6 - The Panic Awards Episode?

The Reason I LOVE this episode is because we had NO guest and I remember recording this very much in a rush which made it very, very surreal. We were originally going to have a few guys in to record, but for some reason it never happened and we try our best to fill a show up with nonsense. I think this Episode, which was the half way point in the series, really shows the dynamic between myself and Andy.

Ep.8 - The Lemoncurd Kid

This Episode featured the very talented and dry witted Mark Burnside, The Lemoncurd Kid, and I enjoyed this episode because I remember recording it close to Christmas and Mark sung a great version of "White Christmas". This Episode works well with quite witty humour.

Ep.12 - Garrie Grubb

This was the Final Episode of the Podcast, even though we didn't know that at the time. In this Episode having the very funny comedian Garrie Grubb made it a joy to record and listen back to. The Three of us sat down and talked about being a stand up comedian and more. With Garrie being possibly the funniest person I've met we were able to completely go crazy and discuss anything.

So If you fancy listening to something that resembles Radio, why not give Panic Stations and #VintagePODcasts listen. I really think the show sounds good almost a year after we recorded them. You can still get them on iTunes or listen to them on Spreaker

Hopefully if you are a fan of my podcasts, or simple new to them, I thought #VintagePODcasts would be a good way to show you some of the older podcasts, that although they may not be to the greatest quality production wise, but still pretty good content wise.

What do you think of Panic Stations? We are discussing whether to bring it back in some way, shape or form.


Monday, 6 January 2014

The Unexpected Model (Chat with Nicole Gibson)

When you was younger, can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? I remember back in the day that I wanted to be a Filmmaker. Sounds dulls and boring for a youngster to want to be that, but that's what I wanted to be. I remember hearing my friends say they wanted to "A Footballer" or "An Astronaut" or even "A Cowboy". As a youngster you always have aspirations to be something when you grow up, but imagine if the one thing you wanted to be was something that was considered a Taboo subject?
A few months back I was on Pinterest. Pinterest is another one of those Social Networks that allows you to post/pin Pictures of things you like. It is very female orientated I think, Lots of fashion photos going back and forth. So trawling through my feed and seeing the same fashion type pics I sometimes switch off and hope to find some interesting TV and Film posts (Maybe I am following the wrong people). BUT I stumbled across a link and photo of a Model named Nicole Gibson. I clicked the link and I was amazed to read this young woman's story.

Nicole is not your average Model. Nicole was infact born Glen. That is right, Nicole is a Transgendered Woman with an amazing attitude and story to tell. I repinned the post about Nicole from Pinterest and said how Inspirational I thought she was for overcoming this obstacle in her life and she even tweeted back her appreciation. So from there I chatted back and forth to her and managed to ask her a few Questions.

ME: Hi Nicole. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Did you get up to much?
NICOLE: I've had the best Christmas and New Year. At the moment, everything in my social diary is a first... My first Christmas as a complete woman, my first Boxing Day, my first New Years Eve. So I've used it as an excuse to party extra hard ;) But it's down to business now, I've had to take it slow and just done the odd modelling job here and there but now I'm ready for action.

ME: So 2013 was a big year for you. You could say life changing. Explain to the readers what obstacles you encountered last year.
NICOLE: I think my biggest obstacle last year was more keeping my head together than anything. I have been going through so many changes emotionally and mentally. I can't say this will be the same for everyone but I genuinely feel the Hormone Replacement Therapy knocked about 15 years off me. I felt like I (and in a way I suppose I was) going through all the things a teenage girl goes through. I'd handle little love life dramas like a sixteen year old. I'd have dreadful mood swings and tantrums.  My girl friends were so supportive, constantly reminding me that "we've all been there" I blubbed A LOT! Still do :-/ My best friend James just shouts "HORMONES" at me when I start to go off on one. Which obviously then just results in us falling about laughing. 
I'm quite a feisty character but I found myself becoming more and more sensitive. I worked in a busy bar and for years I had to put my foot down and stand up to drunk men all the time and not take any rubbish but as time went on I found myself thinking I shouldn't be doing this. I'm a lady. My sharp tongue was replaced with a softer nature. The centre of attention, show girl behind the bar found herself wanting to blend in more. I didn't need to rely on being loud and funny to keep people on side or even at bay. I was passing as female a fitting in. Basically the biggest part of last year for me was saying goodbye to the extroverted character of Glennie and finding my feet as a Nicole. It was a long goodbye but it was just part of the process. Transition isn't just about, long hair, painted nails and push up bras. Your body goes through equally as much on the inside as it does on the outside.

ME: You Look Amazing!. It is nice to see people make a change to be happy in life. How hard was it to finally make the decision to transition?
NICOLE: The decision to fully transition wasn't really that hard. I have felt like I should have been born a girl for as long as I can remember. In the early stages of transition for me it was all about looking my best. I didn't suit being male. I never had a boys shape, features or mannerisms. I'd put on a dress for fun and a joke and people would shower me with compliments so dressing full time as female just felt right. I started feeling comfortable in women's clothes at about 21 but met a gay guy got into a for year relationship and slowly but surely he wore me down and I found myself shopping at Topman again. The relationship came to and end, over sparkly green eyeshadow actually. So I began dressing again full time. just so I could look as feminine as possible the rest kind of fell into place. It was just the next step. Don't forget I don't really know any different. I've always felt this way so putting a skirt on only ever felt normal to me. My life is just running it's course. I don't really ponder on what path to take. I just go with whatever feels right. You have to go with your gut in life. I didn't sit for months wondering whether I should talk to someone about it. I was lucky, people already accepted that I wore heels and sparkly tops and to be honest I would have continued even if they didn't. I'd already had one person in my life hold me back from what was right for me. I wasn't going to let anyone else. The day I looked at myself and thought 'yep you can do this, this is not the body you're meant to be in' was the day I made an appointment to see my GP. I didn't tell anyone how far I intended to go until I was awarded funding for my treatment from the NHS. It was a decision I had to make by myself and needed to know the whole process before telling everyone, because as you may have noticed, once I start talking about it I can't stop. And the last thing is have wanted would be for the people that care about me to worry that I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Though the reactions were all the same, no one was surprised. I tell you the hardest decision in all of this was picking a name! 

ME: What advice would you give to others out there struggling with their own sexuality/gender issues?
NICOLE: My advice for anyone struggling with gender dysphoria issues is talk to your doctor. I wish I had done it years ago. I'm so lucky to have the family and friends that I do and I know not everyone is that blessed. So first step is your GP, they will be able to point you in the right direction, be it support groups or help lines. One thing you have to remember is that you're not alone, the world is full of people going through exactly the same thing.

ME: So with a new life and being free you walked the catwalk at LFW2013. How did this happen?
NICOLE: The modelling all came about by accident really. I left my job at the bar there was too much of the old me there. People wanted the Glennie show and I just wasn't that person anymore. I wanted to quiet down and slow down. I went to run a country pub but still was struggling a bit. I had too much going on in my head to run someone else's business for them. I needed to find something with less responsibility so I could concentrate on my transition. I'm very open about my situation and in order to get a bit of money in my pocket so I didn't have to rush into the wrong job I decided to sell me story to a newspaper. People would ask me questions about my situation all the time. Strangers would just come out with the most inappropriate questions. So the idea of people reading it wasn't that big a deal for me. Though It's still a bit of a taboo subject and that needs to change. It's amazing how homosexuality is much more accepted nowadays and the same needs to happen with the transgender community. You only get one life and it's so unfair that a lot of people don't have the confidence to live as they believe the should be living because it's not 'normal' So my story ran and was well received. It was read by Angel Sinclair, founder of Models of Diversity. Who invited me to cast for their CATWALK4CHANGE fashion event at the start of London Fashion Week. I'd pretended to be on a catwalk since I was about 7 so I jumped at the chance. At first I was just fantasising about being a model but the more I learned about MoD and what they stay for I realised that we were on the same page.

ME: What is Models of Diversity? how did you get involved with that?
NICOLE: Models if Diversity are an organisation campaigning for more diversity of models in the fashion and beauty industry. The more time I'm involved with them and the more people I meet through them the more my eyes are opened to how closed minded the fashion industry is. It should be about real people. The catwalks are dominated by waif types. What about the heavier figures, the darker skins, the shorter people and the disabled people? Everyone wants to see how clothes are going to look on them too! And it's so disheartening to think how many people don't feel like they fit in because they're not a mirror image of the men and women you see in the magazines.

ME: is modelling your future? You certainly look like a model.
NICOLE: Who knows what my future is. I do have every intention of continuing modelling. The rush I get when I'm on the catwalk is amazing and when the photographer say "yup, that's the shot" I think to myself "God this time last year I'd have been sat doing a beer order" I'm fully recovered from my surgery now so I can be a lot more proactive. Until now I haven't wanted to push myself and only done the odd bit here and there with MoD but had to take it slowly after my surgery. But this year is off to a great start. I have meetings with two top agencies next week and also a possible presenting job in the pipeline. I feel fit as a fiddle and excited to start the next chapter of my life.  

ME: You are obviously open with your struggles with your gender. Is that because you feel you can help others out there who don't know what to do?
NICOLE: I've always been a bit of a show off. I was a drama student. But in all seriousness, when you receive messages from people who are struggling to get their head around how they are feeling and they tell you they are too scared to talk to anyone in case they are disowned and ridiculed and you inspire them it gives you this unexplainable feeling and urge to defend them and help them and if me talking about it and opening people's minds and prevents just one girl like me from getting a hard time about her situation then I'm happy. I was with a friend in the supermarket once, he and I were an unlikely pairing but we hit it off. There was a transgendered woman going about her shopping, minding her own business and my friend said to me "do you know Nicole, before I met you I'd have probably taken the Micky out of her" I'm not on a crusade to educate the world. I'm not a doctor. I can only talk about my own experiences. But all the while people are happy to listen and there's a chance that more people like me get less stick, then I'm going to carry on banging on about it. I still think people think it's a sexual thing. For me that has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's simply about living on the outside how you feel on the inside. 

ME: Thank you Nicole for answering my Questions. I think you are not only an inspiration to the LGBT community but an inspiration to human beings in general. To make such a big change in your life to be happy is a positive and amazing thing to do. I hope 2014 holds great things for you. What do you have planned?
NICOLE: I'm so happy! I've undoubtedly made the right decision to talk openly about my transition and as well as opened people's eyes and minds it's opened doors for me too. I'm a lucky girl with amazing people around me who make me feel like I can take on the world. Come on 2014, what you got? 

I Hope this post can open the eyes to some people who are unaware of the struggles some people go through to be happy with themselves. I don't just mean Transgendered people, I am talking about others with Sexuality worries, depression, mental illness, etc etc. We are ALL human beings at the end of the day and we ALL deserve to be happy whether it be within our on skin or our own heads.I hope Nicole's story has opened your eyes like it did me. I do sometimes forget that society can dictate what is accepted and this can affect the happiness of others.
Thank you again Nicole for the chat. I Hope 2014 holds up well for you. If you want to follow Nicole's journey into 2014 you can 

Twitter: @TheNicoleGibson
Instagram: MissNicoleGibson