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Girl from the Grove! (Chat with Holly Matthews)

Former Byker Grove star Holly Matthews answers a few of my Questions as we get to know more of "What 2014 holds for Holly Matthews"

Back in the 90's I was a right little TV addict. I use to get home from school and plonk myself in front of the box and watch good old fashioned Childrens Television. One Show I used to watch religiously was that Geordie Kids show "Byker Grove".
You remember that show!! The one about the kids at a youth club, with PJ and Duncan (who later became Ant and Dec), with Geoff the bearded owner and all those little kids getting up to no good. It was a brilliant show! I remember some great storylines in that show that in a way shaped my creative writing for the future. As it was Kids and I was a Kid watching I could relate to them, I even started going to our local Youth Club, but it wasn't the same!

Anyway, I am not here to ramble on about Byker Grove, although I am tempted to do a dedicated post about the show, Bet you can't wait for that!. Recently I was on Twitter (No change there then) and I saw a Tweet from an Actress who used to be in Byker Grove.
Holly Matthews! Holly is an Actress and former pop star and used to play Emma and I remember her very well as she was involved in some great storylines.......Ok, I will stop talking about it. Anyway, Holly was tweeting about her upcoming role on TV and I thought, this would be a great opportunity to maybe throw my blogging hat in the ring and ask her a few questions. I did, and here is what the lovely Northern Lass had to say.

ME: Hi Holly, Lovely to speak to you. You have been working in the Entertainment industry for a while now. What sort of things have you done?
HOLLY: Wow, lots. I started as a child actor in BBC's Byker Grove, then signed to Sony, releasing a single called "Little Miss Perfect". I also played Leigh Ann Galloway in BBC's Waterloo Road. I've done the rounds on some popular TV shows  including The Bill and Doctors. I was also on BBC three comedy Way To Go and have done much more in between.

ME: I was a Massive Byker Grove fan. What was it like working on a show which was a stepping stone for many famous faces?
HOLLY: Wonderful. It was my first acting role and it lasted a cushty 7 years. I grew up on TV and met some amazing people. It's such a iconic show to have been part of and I still have very good friends because of it. We got up to lots of mischievous stuff behind the scenes and it never felt like work.

ME: What Byker Grove storyline was you most excited to be involved with?
HOLLY: I've had lots but in Byker Grove a big storyline where Ben Carter (who I was dating) died was a cool one to be part of and my Waterloo Road storylines with Lauren Drummond and Tom Payne were great fun.

ME: What was it like appearing on the BBC show Waterloo Road? What things did you learn as an actor being on this show?
HOLLY: Waterloo Road was my first TV role after Byker Grove and singing & although I was still playing a kid it was my first "adult" role. After some time away from screen it was a joy to work with such ace actors, directors and crew. It was a very similar vibe to Byker Grove actually. It was a shame I was expelled.
(note: Yes I saw her in this show, she wasn't a very nice character. Very bitchy)

ME: Your most recent role is on long running BBC show Casualty. What can you tell us about this role?
HOLLY: There's not a lot I can say I'm afraid but I worked alongside some fab actors, some of whom you will recognise. I also got to work with iconic Doctor Who director, Graeme Harper (who directed me as a kid on Byker Grove too) It's a Big 2 parter and will hopefully make you cry! Tissues at the ready. The subject matter is very delicate and one I worked hard to understand. The Episodes will air on BBC ONE on Saturday 25th Jan 2014 and Saturday 1st Feb 2014. Don't miss it!

ME: I will be tuning in. Quickly going back to your past ventures. What was it like being a Pop Star? How crazy is a pop stars life?
HOLLY: The Pop star world is crazy! Another life and not one I enjoyed in the same way as I do acting. So much of what you see is made up and you have little control. I did do some amazing stuff though. Top of The Pops Saturday, MTV TRL, and was jetting off all over the place to record and sing. It was lots of fun.

ME: Ok and finally what does 2014 have in store for Holly Matthews?
HOLLY: In going into the year 2014 with a Brand New Acting Agent, on TV, I have projects of my own I'm working on outside of acting, one being The Confidence Project, a workshop that will be taken to schools, offices and anywhere it's needed to help promote self esteem. I work on actors headshots with photographer Kayleigh Pope, , I have my own YouTube Channel but I will be pushing massively for big acting roles this year. I just want to work with exciting, creative people. I will also be a Mum to My 2 girls & that's what it's really all about.

Thank you Holly for chatting to me. Hopefully in later this year I can get a podcast chat done with her, as I have A LOT of Questions to ask about Byker Grove. So make sure you check out Holly's appearance in the upcoming Casualty Episodes. Holly is a talented Actress and extremely positive and creative. Check out her You Tube Channel for some very honest and refreshing views on life. 

You can find Holly here:
Twitter: @HollyMatthews 
Instagram: HollyMatthews84


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