Sunday, 5 January 2014

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Leanne Louise will Save Your Heart!

Singer/Songwriter Leanne Louise has a new Track out "Save your heart". Check this Talented Essex girl out!

The great thing about doing blogs and podcasts is being able to chat to creative and talented people. In my hometown of Chelmsford I have also been able to get to know, and sometimes work with, some talented people I honestly never knew existed. I mean it's amazing how much creativity there is out there and it can be easily missed without a little bit of exposure and help from friends.

A Singer friend of mine Leanne Louise is working hard at honing her craft as a Singer/Songwriter. She is a young girl who is swiftly working hard in the studio to constantly write and sing some great songs. Leanne has a great voice that instantly makes you sit up and listen.

She has released a video on You Tube of he latest song "Save your Heart" and once it reaches 1000 views (which is not far off, as of time of writing) it'll be up on Soundcloud so the mastered version can be downloaded for free.

I have gotten to know Leanne over the last few years and even recorded a podcast with her back in November 2012 when she was first working on some material. We recorded as part of The Short Lived Chelmsford based Music podcast "Panic Stations". In Episode 7 we heard her discuss her music and even perform live.

Leanne has plans for 2014 including an EP. The EP is entitled 'Count My Blessings' it features 5 tracks with an honest mixture of soul, acoustic and stripped back Electronic music. Save Your Heart is the first track to be released from the EP and the next single will be out in February. 

So I Hope you can all give a little time to maybe check her stuff out
Twitter: @TheLeanneLouise
SoundCloud here

I Think also, if you know people personally who are creative or trying to get their work out there, give them a hand. We live in a world where supporting one another only helps people move forward. I Hope Leanne can take 2014 to the next level and continue showcasing her talent and who knows, maybe one day she'll be gracing the playlist in your ipod!



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