Saturday, 4 January 2014


Luisa Zissman: Love to Hate?

So it's #CBB time again! For those who are unaware of this hash tag it stands for "Celebrity Big Brother". That's right! That show where they stick "Celebrities" in a house for weeks and make them perform tasks for our entertainment whilst we watch them and feel like we have some kind of insight/connection/affiliation with their existence.
Now I am not here to defend or attack the merits of the show. That would be too easy,predictable and pointless. You either like this show or you don't. Simple as that. 
What I wanted to write about was a certain "Celeb" who entered the 2014 winter edition of the show. 

Miss Luisa Zissman 

Luisa Zissman was the runner up on 2013's "The Apprentice" another reality show and from what I saw on that show a very intelligent and business minded lady. Her company was a baking company and she seemed to show some very reasonable and impressive traits of somebody who had both The "Brains" and The "Beauty". 

I like to see women make a mark for themselves and begin to takeover otherwise male dominated sectors. I am all for women being strong, dominant and independent. I'm trying to write this as seriously as possible without making it sound like i mean in the bedroom

I think if a woman is intelligent, has the drive and the know how then gender shouldn't be a factor. Let the brains and ideas do the talking. 
Now I thought Luisa was one of these ladies who liked the limelight but was career driven. It would seem I was wrong. What I'm beginning to believe is that she simply a fame seeking woman who wants exposure. By going on a show like "Celebrity Big Brother" I can't seem to work out what she can gain from this. Does she want a TV career? A Modelling career? What? 

In her VT before she entered she even discussed her sexual history and her preferred partners. Now I am all for blurring the lines of sexuality, do what you like, BUT how does this sort of admission help further her career as a successful businesswoman? Am I missing something here? Does she need to resort to selling her sexuality to create a name for herself? Does posing in her bikini give her more respect as an entrepreneur? I am seriously confused as this whole choice. 

Now please, before you think I'm being harsh or judgemental on this woman, I am not. I am merely trying to figure out why so many women think they have to resort to certain measures to be in the public eye. 
Don't get me wrong I like women and I can appreciate a gorgeous woman. I just think this could be a step back for her. I honestly hope she goes into this house and really does well for herself. I worry women have automatically gone against her for her apparent ice cold, bolshy ways already. I hope she can actually come out of this as a genuinely nice person who can prove to be a clever individual. 

So I guess what I am saying is I like to see people do things that represent their true potential. I hate to see people make decisions based on media pressure. 

Wow. Quite a serious post here. I promise I'll keep other future posts light. But for now thanks for reading and please let me know what you think? Am I right to feel this way? Or am I looking at this the wrong way? Or am I just chatting rubbish? Let me know. It's a blog. These views are my own and probably wrong anyway. 



  1. She's ruined herself silly girl! Where's the class! I expect she will be running swinging events in not so near future!