Sunday, 19 January 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty No.17: The SAG Awards Red Carpet Review

Just another Red Carpet review from a guy with Zero taste and knowledge of the world of fashion! I once wore Silver trousers!

The Seventeenth (#17) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

So the SAG Awards have come and gone, and just like EVERY single Awards show out there, the fashion seems to be more important than the actual awards. Each ceremony dedicates a good few hours prior to the awards where fashionistas drool over the fabric draped over the celebrities.
Again, I will reiterate, I am not an expert, nor do I have a great knowledge of fashion in general. I said once before, I once wore silver trousers! so seriously, I couldn't tell my Armani to Arse-nami. I am the sort of person who judges clothes on instinct reactions.
So, again with this post I will be giving my instant reaction to the Red Carpet fashion.
Here we go...

Kelly O: I remember when fancying Kelly Osbourne was considered weird! Now! WOW! I is weird not to! Well Done Miss Osbourne, looking good! Love the Hair and dress suits her shape. Not bad for a woman who once dressed like a chubby transvestite coming down on Acid!

Queen Mirren: Would it be considered Treason if I said this dress looks fucking hideous? Yes? Oh well take me to jail! I'd rather die in a cell knowing I said my piece rather than pretend to like something simply because Helen Mirren is a female Jesus. 

Sarah Paulson: I Love Sarah Paulson! I think she is an amazing, underrated actress. I think she gets over looked in some great roles and continues to light up the screen whatever she is in. I think Sarah Paulson can do no wrong.........Expect for this dress! This Dress can go fuck it self! Horrible! Frumpy Toilet roll holder dress! Fuck you!

Modern Family Beauty #1: Unlike Sarah Paulson above, Sofia's dress can NOT go fuck itself. She looks great here! Again Big fan of her work, even though she can hardly speak english and plays a very stereotypical role in everything she does. But she is hot and looks like she could beat me up. So, thumbs up girl.

Everyones Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong! I have said it before. Beautiful, Funny, Smart! I dare anybody to come up with a legitimate reason why they don't like Jen law, without sounding like a person trying to stand out from the crowd. You WILL like Jen Law and you WILL bow down to her! She said Arm Vagina LIVE on television don't you know?!

"Armpit Vagina"

Imposter Mariah Carey: Who is this? This isn't the Mariah Carey I know! Since when did Mariah Carey become a Fuller Figured, Ghetto Booty, Puerto Rican looking lady? I remember her as a skinny white girl singing a song on a boat! (My All video). Regardless, she looks like she stumbled onto the carpet via a trip to the local nightclub where she laddered her tights.

Modern Family Beauty #2: Julie Bowen is a very stunning lady. But it took me ages to realise it was her because her dress hurt me eyes. Not being over dramatic here, but it actually blurred my vision for a second and i had to turn away only to see the weird lines burned onto my retina. After going to the eye doctor I re looked and still hate it. looks cheap too! 
*Bitchiest comment I have EVER made*

Sandy B: Much better than her dress at The Globes. She reminds me of a mixture between Quality Street sweet! The one in the Green wrapper that tastes of nougat! and the scales of a mermaid. So Chocolate and fish is what I see here!

The Green Sweet! Do you Agree?
Skylar From Breaking Bad: Ok, Bias here! I LOVE Breaking Bad and everyone associated with it! If Anna Gunn turnt up in a bowler hat and sandwich board that read "Adam is a Dick" I would still love it. This looks is gorgeous! She is Gorgeous! I was once of those Breaking Bad fans who fancied Skyar, even though her character was really irritating most of the time. Well Done Skylar! #BreakingBad forever!

And this wins "Life" Points for being so dam awesome!! Love this! 

Emma Thompson: Love Emma Thompson! Hate Flip Flops and Sandals! So NO! not good enough! 

There you go! I feel like I was a little bit more harsh than usual here. Oh well, What do you think? let me know.


  1. I totally don't get what celebs wear either. But love Skylar's clutch - I want one! :D

    Kayleigh xo

    1. I don't have a need for a purse/clutch but I too want one! hah x

  2. Maybe that sandal lady just wanted to be comfortable!! Have you ever tried wearing heels? Oh, wait, I'm talking to you :D
    Kelly Osbourne has become such a beautiful woman! I think she even started her own fashion line or something?
    Jen looks fabulous a always and talking about armpit vagina - LOL. Only she can do that and everyone still loves her :D
    Other dresses I like are from that Modern family lady 1 (even though she's nothing special for the reasons you've mentioned ;)) and Breaking Bad dress doesn't look bad (I don't watch the show though).
    Others are kinda meh, Modern family lady 2 being the worst! And poor Mariah Carey, it must so hard to be a celebrity, everyone knows if you gained weight, everyone points out your flaws ... the easiest is to criticize others. Celebrities are humans too! They poo everyday (if they have great metabolism), they date, they argue with people, they eat! ... maybe sometimes too much and are too lazy ... sounds familiar :) She looks healthy though and that's all what's important :)
    Longer comment than your post ;D

    1. Yes Love your comments!
      Sandals! NO! haha its not Roman times! you want heels, you wear heels! you spend all that money on them!
      I wasn't calling mariah fat, just she looks soooooo different from when i remember her.

      and i dont wanna see any celeb take a poo haha x

  3. Hahahhaha! This is awesome!!! Love the chocolate reference, def looks like that! And Mariah?!?!! Wtf!!! Isn't she like a trillionare (not a word but it is now) xxx

    1. hahah! thanks. and yes i expect Mariah to wear diamond encrusted dresses all the time from now on! haha

  4. Hahahaha the Sandra Bullock one made me laugh out loud! Totally does look like a quality street! xoxo