Monday, 27 January 2014

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#Mashion & #Meauty No.18: The GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet Review

The GRAMMYs Fashion reviewed by a guy who has the fashion sense of a colour blind crack addict! #BBloggers #FBloggers

The Eighteenth (#18) Post in this series of Posts where I challenge myself to try and understand the world of #BBloggers and even #FBloggers.  Click HERE to read the Previous Entries if you haven't.

Still Awards season and still an excuse for me to throw out my #Mashion posts for you all to enjoy (or ignore). With the Golden Globes and SAG Awards done, it's time for the Music world to shine on the Red Carpet with The 2014 Grammy Awards. Musicians and Fashion? surely it should be ok........

Swifty: When there's an Awards ceremony, theres Taylor swift! Lurking about for her future conquest for future writing material. Is it me or does Swifty have that "Village of the Damned" look in her eyes? Blonde Hair! Blue eyes! Behind those eyes is pure evil! Evil dressed up like a preppy school girl! Surely thats a fetish somewhere.

Queen B: If I was living under a rock for the past 10 years and suddenly emerged all smelly and cramped, I would have assumed Beyonce was The Queen or something. I don't think I can say a bad word against her, else I will get sued by Jay Zed or something. Anyway, who can't say she is bloody stunning?! She surely is some kind of Angel sent to tempt us and that! (Ooooh Biblical)

Skylar Grey: Not much of a Skylar Grey fan music-wise and looking at this dress I am not a fan of her style either. She looks uncomfortable in this flesh dress! Go get some jeans and t shirt mate! Get comfortable! There is no point wearing vinyl flooring for the sake of it.

Madge: There's an expression "Mutton Dressed as Lamb" but for Madge I am creating a new one "Mutton dressed as a C**T". Can somebody please tell Madge it's 2014 and she is no longer relevant or impressive. Please go home and watch Bargain Hunt like the rest of the 75 year olds!

Pharrell: The Hat! What a fucking Idiot!

Budget Rihanna: Even though I find Rita Ora extremely annoying, I think this Swamp Thing looking dress is pretty good. She looks gorgeous here. If Rihanna ever needs to send somebody to open up a local poundland I'm sure Rita will look glamourous doing it.

Harry From Home Alone?: I don't know who she is but she looks like she is dressed up as Harry from the film "Home Alone" after he gets hit by the feathers. What do you think?

Russell Brand's EX: Ok, I get it! Katy is a musician! She sings songs! Songs have notes in them! Lets put notes on her dress and make it look like a toddler has doodled over it and make her look like a proper respectable artist. I respect you Katy! I respect you.

Some Teen Star: I am sure somebody has previously told me who this woman is, but regardless she looks nice. Nice in the sense that kittens are nice. That a hot water bottle is nice. That finding a five pound note in your jean pocket nice. She looks nice.

Pitch Perfect Lady: I Love Anna Kendrick. She has that girl next door quality about her. I am used to seeing her in films in something sweet. This dress isn't very nice, it's too sexy for her image. Something I imagine Angelina Jolie poking a few legs out of. This is like when I saw Keira Knightly star as a Bounty Hunter in "Domino" It just doesn't feel right. Give her back her cups.

So there you go. What do you think? Do you agree?
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  1. To be honest, I only really like that black dress from that teen girl whoever she is :D
    And lol at Home alone reference! And aren't those long-short dresses out of style? Not if you're a swan, obvi.
    I laughed little bit too much at Pharrells hat, I covered that part of the picture with my hand and he still looks good ;) He must have stayed up all night to get lucky with that hat. Best joke I ever made!
    Great post, as always ;)