Friday, 3 January 2014

Mission Blog: The 2014 Aim

So for 2014 I wanted to really take the blog and the Barker PODcasts Brand to the next level. Over the past few months I started to see and connection between my podcasts and my blog posts. I thought it would make sense to make The Barker PODcasts Collection and The #NOTlistening Blog in sync and expand. 
Pretty much like expanding a brand. The objective would be the same
"Release entertaining content on both the podcast shows and with more topical blogs" 

With the podcasts (ODDcast PODcast and It's NOT Soccer) I will continue to record comedy based audio. 
With the Blog I will be doing more isolated posts varying from Film based,TV based and personal posts. As well moving forward with more interviews and promotion for people in the Entertainment industry. This would also include Interesting and Creative people in general. I want to build up good connections with people who inspire others to be creative. 

So if you know anybody or want to chat to me about your creative ventures, the. Drop me an email at

For the next few months I have some exciting new projects happening. Including a new Bloggers collaboration called "BlogOFF" where I chat to various other bloggers about there own blogging life. 

Also I have many interviews and chats lined up with Actors and Directors from the world of Film and TV as well as chats with people who inspire. 

I am not pigeon holing myself into being just a Podcaster or film reviewer. I want to help share my love of all things creative and inspirational. 
2014 is a big year for me and I want to build a positive and fun brand to help keep you entertained. 

The Podcasts will return in March. So until then The Blog is the place to be. 
And who knows. I might get the odd podcast extra out if lucky. 

Thanks for reading. Hope you continue to support The Barker PODcasts Collection and The #NOTlistening Blog. 



  1. I will be disappointed if you don't have a Not Listening hat by the end of the that cartoon of you, you look like you should be in Wacky Races! ;)

    These Days are Fast

    1. I really want a #NOTlistening hat! If i make one I will send you one! :)
      Yeah Wacky Podcasters! could be a new cartoon x